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Vengeance is hereby mine.

Micah's Revolver is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. It cannot be customized.


One of the twin revolvers used by Micah Bell, this custom Double-action Revolver features a grey steel frame with a custom red-and-black skull grip. It also has “Vengeance is hereby mine” hand-etched into the side of the barrel. This weapon has an ammo capacity of six rounds, being able to use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express, and Explosive revolver ammo.


This revolver is available if the player returns to the shootout location after "American Venom" atop Mount Hagen and loots Micah’s frozen corpse.

Micah's Revolver can be acquired early, during the mission "Old Friends" in the first chapter. During the shootout with the O'Driscolls, the player should disarm one of them and lead him to Micah. If this happens, the O'Driscoll will wrestle the gun from Micah and cause it to be dropped on the ground, where the player can pick it up.[1]

Alternatively, the player can obtain it immediately before initiating the mission "Blessed are the Meek?". Once the player has the law searching for them after committing a crime, they should go to the sheriff's office in Strawberry and head downstairs to the jail area. Here, the player should shoot a fire arrow through the gap in the bars so that it lands near Micah's left foot. If this happens, Micah will drop the weapon near the cell's wall, allowing the player to obtain it.

There is only one slot in the weapon inventory for Micah's Revolver, so if one is already in the player's possession, another one cannot be acquired.


  • Compared to the regular Double-action Revolver, Micah's Revolver has a slight boost in damage, instead being equal to that of the Cattleman Revolver. It also has a slight boost in accuracy, but all other stats are identical.
  • In the beta, his revolvers were iron-plated with blackened steel cylinders and the barrels were longer.
  • Despite the fact that Micah uses two of these, only one is lootable from his corpse.
  • Micah's body will remain on the mountaintop until the player obtains his gun, and disappears off-screen once it's collected.
  • Despite seemingly losing his revolvers in the shipwreck, Micah uses them while he is in Guarma. He is the only member of the Van der Linde gang to use his regular weapon set while on the island.
    • It's very likely that Micah had kept the guns on his person during the shipwreck, meaning he either was sleeping with the guns or grabbed them before departing with the ship.