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Miranda Fortuna

Miranda Fortuna is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.



Miranda Fortuna is the younger sister of Luisa Fortuna and Emilio Fortuna and a supporter of the Reyes' Rebels during the Mexican Revolution. In 1911, during the Revolution, Miranda escaped from Mexico after being escorted to a dock by John Marston while getting around the Mexican government's blockades.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

The player will meet Miranda Fortuna in the mission "My Sister's Keeper". Luisa will be packing bags as Mr. Fortuna loads them into a wagon, and Mrs. Fortuna is crying on the porch of the house while Miranda comforts her. Luisa tells John her parents must go into hiding to avoid their capture because she is a rebel leader, while Miranda is going to the Yucatán to work on the docks for a family friend to avoid being captured and sexually enslaved by Colonel Allende. Luisa will ask the player to escort Miranda to the docks in a coach. On the way, the player wil meet some Federales who will open fire. After shooting them, or simply plowing them down, Miranda will keep telling the player directions to the dock to get around the government blockades.

Miranda is not seen or mentioned again after "My Sister's Keeper".

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption


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Miranda Fortuna


  • It is never revealed what her exact age is. Considering her older sister, Luisa, is only 19, she could possibly be younger than 18. This would make her one of just two people in the game who are still children in 1911, along with Jack Marston.
  • When approaching Campo Mirada at the beginning of "My Sister's Keeper", before starting the mission, it is possible to kill her and her mother on the front porch. It takes quite a lot of bullets to kill her, but standing close to her, and shooting her (making a slight cut scene, where you shoot her in her stomach) will kill her (same thing with her mother). When looting her you'll receive a small amount of cash (5 - 10$).


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