Unlike its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 contains missions, items and other content that can be permanently missed in a save file unless obtained, studied or otherwise interacted with during a certain time-frame. While anything on this list is not required for 100% Completion, a player may be interested in completing and collecting everything available in the game. As there is no official list of everything that's missable, this list may be missing some content or certain content may be available even outside these time-frames.

Guarma Animals

All macaws spawn near the waterfall near the camp, the booby often flies above the river, and snakes spawn in the vegetation down the hill from the camp. Study and skin/pluck all animals to fill the compendium.


  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Blue and yellow Macaw
  • Great green Macaw
  • Red-footed Booby


  • Red-tailed boa snake
  • Rainbow boa snake
  • Sunglow boa snake

Note: The Fer-de-Lance snake - often thought to be exclusive to Guarma - can be found in Stillwater Creek.

Note: Guarma also houses the elusive Green Turtle, which goes unseen during regular gameplay and has no compendium entry. If the player uses glitches to return to Guarma, it is possible to find, study, kill and skin one, but the only effect this has on the game is that the protagonist adds a picture of it in the journal.

Missions & Mission Strands

Each mission/mission strand expires after the chapter is over, unless otherwise specified.

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter VI

Stranger Missions

Chapter II

Chapter IV

Chapter V

  • The Widow of Willard's Rest:
    • All encounters can only be seen by visiting Charlotte Balfour 3 times with Arthur Morgan, and then visiting her once as John Marston in the epilogue
    • If the player never meets Charlotte as Arthur, only the first 2 encounters will be available in the epilogue.
    • If the player meets Charlotte as Arthur but doesn't complete all encounters, she cannot be encountered in the epilogue as she has passed away before 1907.

Chapter VI

Camp Companion Activities

Activities appear at camp randomly, and become unavailable at the end of each chapter once the gang relocates the camp.

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

  • Bank Robbery with Charles Smith (Special/Ultimate edition content)
  • Hunting with Simon Pearson
  • Coach Robbery with Lenny Summers
  • Coach Robbery with Micah Bell
  • Rustling with Uncle

Camp Item Requests

Most requests trigger randomly between 8 am - 8 pm, but exceptions exist.

Who Where Item Item located in Reward Availability
Abigail Abigail's tent and complaining about Jack's clothes $5 Arthur's wallet Minor positive Honor Chapter II only
Jack Randomly speaks to Arthur Abigail's Thimble Looted from enemies once quest is active A drawing from Jack (Unique reward) Chapter II only
Javier Javier is making poison knives Oleander Sage Found at Lemoyne swamps and marshes Poison knives Chapter II only
Mary-Beth Mary-beth is writing Fountain Pen Osman Grove Ring Chapter II only
Jack During the mission A Fisher of Men Penny Dreadful comic Osman Grove, Clawson's Rest, Pleasance or Downes Ranch Chocolate bar Chapter II only
Pearson Drinking beer while cooking between 8am and noon. Riding in and out of camp until he spawns behind the smaller table at the food tent is the easiest way to obtain the request. Unskinned rabbit carcass Almost everywhere Scout jacket (Unique reward) Chapter II only (the official guide claims the request is available in chapters II - IV, but players have been unable to trigger it after chapter II)
Sean Making fire bottles at a campfire Kentucky Bourbon General stores Fire bottles Chapter II only (the official guide claims the request is available in chapters II & III, but players have been unable to trigger it after chapter II)
Hosea Hosea grinding herbs at the domino table 2 American Ginseng Found almost everywhere Potent Medicine Chapter III only
Kieran Brushing Horses 2 Burdock Root Found almost everywhere Horse Medicine Chapter III only
Molly Randomly speaks to Arthur Pocket Mirror Martha's Swain Cigar Chapter III only
Pearson During Poker Naval compass Braithwaite Manor boathouse; or looted from the back of Ashton's stagecoach in Fatherhood and Other Dreams. Rum Chapters II - IV
Tilly During Dominoes Necklace Looted from lockboxes or people 2 Medicine Chapters II & III
Bill Bill sitting on a chair and calling Arthur over Hair Pomade General stores Repeater ammo Chapters II - IV
Charles Making fire arrows at a campfire Moonshine Any Fence Fire arrows Chapters II - IV
Charles Making poison arrows at a campfire (After you get his fire arrow request done) Oleander Sage Lemoyne swamps and marshes Poison arrows Chapters II - IV
Dutch Talks to you randomly Pipe Vetter's Echo Spurs (Unique reward) Chapters II - IV
Hosea Pick up the "The Case of the Deceitful German" book at Hosea's tent. "The Case of the Shrew in the Fog" book Northwest of Saint Denis, on a table inside a Hagen Orchards Predator bait Chapters II - IV
Lenny Nighttime campfire talk Pocket Watch Vetter's Echo Dynamite Chapters II - IV
Susan Randomly talks to you 2 Oregano Almost everywhere Potent Miracle tonic Chapters II - IV
Sadie During Further Questions of Female Suffrage Harmonica Granger's Hoggery Gun oil Chapters III - IV
Charles Hammering nails into the barn Eagle feathers Almost everywhere Horse reviver Before American Venom in Epilogue II
Uncle Standing on the house porch Home Remedy Ingredients (Milkweed, Kentucky Bourbon, Peppermint, Hair Pomade and Skunk) Almost everywhere Tornado Boots, Classic Frock Coat, Drifter Hat and Frontier Vest (All are unique rewards) After American Venom in Epilogue II

Note: Pearson's rabbit request is considered to be somewhat glitched, as some players report not getting the jacket once the rabbit is given to Pearson, so save before returning it. It's also been suggested to not skin the rabbit. To give it to him, first use the "Give request" option in the dilog menu and then donate it at his table like other items.

Hats, Weapons & Other Items


Note that the mission-specific hats are not guaranteed to spawn, but restarting a checkpoint refreshes NPC equipment. If no enemies drop the hat, simply die/otherwise restart the checkpoint and try again.

Hat Obtained by Availability
Classic Raccoon Mountain Hat Worn by Jon in Smithfield's Saloon While the hat does spawn in the epilogue, it can only be saved to the wardrobe during the first 6 chapters. The reason for this is unknown.
Bucket Hat Worn by the workers at Appleseed Timber Company Only available until chapter VI or until completing all three stages of Appleseed Timber Company event area.
Newsboy Cap Picked up during a mission Only available during the missions The Sheep and the Goats, An Honest Mistake and Just a Social Call. Several enemies should be wearing it, just pick one up or sometime can found on the oil wagon driver near the bridge between Strawberry and Riggs Station in Chapter VI (randomly).
Fisherman's Hat Worn by Jeremy Gill Either complete the stranger mission A Fisher of Fish, or kill Jeremy with dynamite before triggering the quest. The latter is recommended, as his hat may fly too far into the San Luis River to be picked up after the quest ends.
Liberty Hat Picked up during a mission Worn by enemy while chasing the stagecoach in the mission An American Pastoral Scene (randomly) or worn by a hogtied man during the stranger mission A Fine Night For It. Dying after the final wave of enemies respawns the player back before the wave, allowing one to quickly try their luck again.
Sun Hat Picked up during a mission Worn by enemies during the missions Savagery Unleashed, A Kind and Benevolent Despot, Hell Hath No Fury and Paradise Mercifully Departed in Guarma (Chapter V).
Worn Flat Cap Get it knocked off and pick it up again John will be wearing the hat during the mission The Wheel, but it isn't part of the wardrobe. Get it knocked off and pick it up again. Note that antagonising and combat are limited in this mission, so an animal attack may be needed to knock the hat off.
John's Gambler's Hat Get it knocked off and pick it up again John will be wearing the hat after the mission Simple Pleasures, but it isn't part of the wardrobe. Get it knocked off and pick it up again. If picked up as Arthur while the player has John as a companion the hat (if knocked off) will not be saved to the wardrobe.


Weapon Availability
Rare Shotgun Wielded by an antisocial stranger in a house northwest of Annesburg. Kill him an pick it up.
Rare Rolling Block Rifle Wielded by a bounty hunter inside the Braithwaite barn during the mission Magicians for Sport.
Granger's Revolver During The Noblest of Men, and a Woman, Emmet Granger drops it upon death. Simply pick it up.
Midnight's Pistol During The Noblest of Men, and a Woman, Billy Midnight drops the gun upon death. Pick it up.
Flaco's Revolver During The Noblest of Men, and a Woman, kill Flaco Hernández and pick up his gun.
Calloway's Revolver During The Noblest of Men, and a Woman, kill Jim "Boy" Calloway and pick up his gun.
Ornate Dagger Dropped by Vampire upon his death. Pick it up afterwards.


Item How to obtain
Antique Watch During Money Lending and Other Sins I, while visiting Wróbel, open the drawer that contains the watch but do not take it. Instead collect the debt with other valuables and leave the area. Come back and take the watch.
Native American Ring Can be looted from a random event involving a drunk man at a campfire.
Gold Shield Pick it up from above the fireplace during Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern.
Owl Feather Trinket Do not kill anyone during the optional Archeology for Beginners mission for Rains Fall.

Rescue Bill Williamson Unique Random Encounter

In Chapter 2, after completing the mission "The First Shall Be Last", while not an activity in that it's not started on the camp, Javier Escuella can randomly ride to the player roaming the wilderness and request help rescuing Bill Williamson from bounty hunters. This will only happen before Chapter 5.

Event Areas

Event areas are locations that change over time. Each areas has several stages of development, which the player can witness by visiting at semi-regular intervals as the player progresses through the main storyline. In most case, the player is invited to intervene in a specific way to facilitate the location's advance to its next step. There are three event area locations that the player can do the missions until chapter VI and the last stage available after epilogue.

Location Stages available between chapter II-VI Stages available in epilogue
Castor's Ridge 4 Stages 1 Stage
Appleseed Timber Company 4 Stages 1 Stage
Central Union Railroad Camp 3 Stages 1 Stage

Home Robbery

Van Horn Mansion

  • There is a glitch that doesn't allow player to rob this mansion by using John Marston. No matter how many times the player goes to this mansion, two sleeping guys and money on the table will not spawn for the player to rob. To avoid this, just rob this place by using Arthur Morgan.

Bounty Hunting

Anthony Foreman

Achievements & Trophies

Achievement & Trophy Image Obtained by Available after Available until
Give to the Poor GivetothePoor Donate $250 to the gang tithing box Eastward Bound Banking, The Old American Art
Errand Boy ErrandBoy Deliver 5 camp companion item requests Eastward Bound Banking, The Old American Art
Friends With Benefits FriendswithBenefits Complete a Companion Activity in each camp Eastward Bound Banking, The Old American Art


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