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Listed below are the Storyline missions, Intro Missions, and unique missions in Red Dead Online. The narrative of Red Dead Online spans a total of 24 story missions, with an additional 5 missions included in the Moonshiners DLC. For the first time in the Red Dead series, the player's choices and honor play a major role in the story, as certain missions are available only to players with a high or low honor level. The game also features several Strangers that give an unlimited number of side-missions to the player.

A Land of Opportunities (Story Missions)[]

Story missions are done completely in private sessions and can be done by 2-4 players. It is possible to play with only a player's posse or use matchmaking to play with other players. With the exception of the intro missions, all missions can be replayed, but won't give the same rewards as when they were completed for the first time.

Intro Missions[]

Choice Missions[]

The following missions involve a choice for the player(s) to make, which will increase or decrease their honor level. They can be played in any order.

Path of the Gunslinger[]

The following missions are available only to players who are honorable.

  1. "Where Your Morals Lead You"
  2. "Highly Illegal and Highly Moral"
  3. "Bring a Goddamn Posse"
  4. "The Hanging of Tom Davies"

Path of the Outlaw[]

The following missions are available only to players who are dishonorable.

  1. "Kerosene, Tar, and Greed"
  2. "More Than One Way To Earn a Buck"
  3. "These Bastards Can Fight"
  4. "Banks Don't Rob Themselves"

LeClerk Missions[]

The following missions are available to all players, regardless of their honor level.

A Life of 'Shine (Story Missions)[]

A Life of 'Shine is a story campaign added in the Moonshiners DLC. It spans 5 story missions and 2 intro missions. Unlike the missions in the A Land of Opportunities campaign, these missions can also be played solo, and the player can select between three different difficulties: Standard, Hard, and Ruthless.

Intro Missions[]

  • Introduction (cutscene)
  • "Rescue Cook"
  • "Get Equipment"

Story Missions[]

Blood Money[]



Stranger side-missions[]

Stranger missions are done completely in Free Roam and can be done alone or with a posse. They are unlocked after "Honor Among Horse Thieves" and award cash, gold, and XP, in addition to increasing or decreasing the player's honor depending on the mission type. Other players can interfere with these missions and attempt to sabotage them to receive rewards of their own. There isn't a limited number of stranger missions.

Telegram Missions[]

A New Source of Employment[]

A Tough Business[]

  • "Good and Dead"
  • "Cold Day in Hell"
  • "Frontier Justice"

Call to Arms[]

Merry Call To Arms[]

  • Valentine Auction Yard
  • The Manor
  • Caliga Hall
  • Colter
  • Emerald Ranch
  • Rhodes
  • Hanging Dog Ranch
  • Adler Ranch
  • Annesburg
  • Saint Denis Manor

Skelding's Contract[]

  • "In Bad Faith"
  • "Strong Medicine"
  • "Sow and Reap"
  • "False Hopes & Prophecy" (Halloween only - 18-31 October 2022)

Rough Justice[]

  • "Hostage to Fortune"
  • "The Bell Tolls"
  • "Trial & Tribulation"

    Merry Call To Arms - December 2023