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The Missouri Fox Trotter is a horse breed in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

The Amber Champagne coat can be found at the Scarlett Meadows stable, while the Silver Dapple Pinto can be found at the Blackwater stable. Both have a high base value of $950. Missouri Fox Trotters are a cross between a race and work horse, so they have moderate attributes and a higher speed. Its handling gives it moderate reactivity and agility.

Catalogue Description

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a gaited breed especially suited to working with livestock. However, their muscular build makes them suitable for ranch work, trail riding, and racing. With a graceful carriage, they are relaxed and exhibit poise but have lightning fast speed and acceleration when needed. This is a fantastic horse worth twice the price.

Coat styles

Coat Base Value (in $) Health Stamina Speed Acceleration Source
Amber Champagne 950.00 5 6 7 5 Scarlett Meadows stable
Silver Dapple Pinto 950.00 5 6 7 5 Blackwater stable/Stranger Mission/Event
Blue Roan 1125.00 All Stables (Online exclusive)
Black Tovero 45 gold All Stables (Online exclusive)
Buckskin Brindle 1125.00 All Stables (Online exclusive)
Dapple Gray 1125.00 All Stables (Online exclusive)

Special variants


The horse of Micah Bell throughout 1899. Baylock has a "Black" coat and, with his black body and white face, he is strikingly similar to the Dark Horse from Red Dead Redemption. Given that the Dark Horse only appears if the player's Honor is low, it is almost certainly no coincidence that Baylock is almost identical, given Micah's immoral nature and acts of villainy.

Despite his looks, and the true nature of his owner, Baylock will actually start out being less aggressive and standoffish than most of the other gang members' horses, and will let the player ride him in Chapter 2 while Micah is in jail. He will be unsaddled in camp, and while it possible for the player to saddle him themselves, it is impossible to bond or stable him without glitches. In the meantime, however, the player can ride him as much as they want until Micah is rescued as Baylock will then return to him.

However, when this happens, Baylock's condition and behavior will start to deteriorate. His cores will be partially drained, and he will appear to be dirty-in stark contrast with the rest of the gang members' horses. He will also stop being friendly and refuse to let the player touch him, let alone ride him. He will also kick the player if they pester him too much. This suggests that despite Micah's unusually good-natured comments about Baylock, he actually neglects and abuses him, and that Baylock was only healthy and friendly in the beginning because Micah wasn't there to mistreat him.

Baylock vanishes with the rest of the remaining gang member's horses after the events of the main story, and it is impossible to obtain a horse that looks identical to him anywhere in the game.


In Red Dead Online, the outlaw Samson Finch rides a unique "Sable Champagne" Missouri Fox Trotter.


  • At $950, it was the most expensive cash-purchasable horse in Red Dead Online prior to the introduction of Roles. The latter update of which released horse breeds of the same price.
  • During the random encounter where the woman's horse "Biscuit" has died and she needs a ride to Emerald Ranch, a glitch can occur where the horse, a Silver Dapple Pinto, will be found alive and can be claimed.[1]
  • Similarly, a woman needing a ride to Lagras will also have Silver Dapple Pinto that will occasionally spawn alive. One way to ensure this is to go stand upon Face Rock where the event spawns by, aim with a sniper rifle at the road below after which the event should spawn so long as the encounter has not been completed by the player prior, and keep shooting the lady. This causes both her and her horse to respawn, and eventually, it should respawn alive, and be claimed by the player.[2]
  • Another alternative way to obtain the Silver Dapple Pinto variant as Arthur is after the third encounter with Albert Mason. While herding the horses, go into Eagle Eye, track the Silver Dapple Pinto and then exit Eagle Eye while staying focused on the horse's trail. Once Mason photographs the herd, go to him and skip the cutscene as soon as it starts. Then follow the horse's trail, carefully and patiently, as the trail can be lost and the tracking process can last approximately up to 10 minutes. Once you find the horse, jump on it from your horse's back and ride it to the nearest stable without dismounting it to saddle it up or store it. Save the game and load the save file you just made. Then the horse will be yours to keep.
  • Because of these oversights, it along with the Dark Bay Turkoman are the only two horses whose coat colors are supposed to only be available in the Epilogue that are also completely obtainable in the main story.


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