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Moonshine Shacks are locations featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. In Red Dead Online, purchasing a Moonshine Shack is required to start the Moonshiner role.


Moonshine Shacks are two-story cabins containing an office and bedroom for Maggie Fike, a staircase leading into the basement which has a secret passage to Marcel's moonshine kitchen and the bar, if purchased.



Events of Red Dead Online

After the role's introduction in the Emerald Saloon, there are five shacks available for purchase, one in each territory. After buying a shack, it acts as a property and as the central location of the moonshine business. All seven story missions of the DLC start and end inside of the shack. The office upstairs in run by Maggie Fike, who also gives the player story and bootlegger missions. To buy expandables for the shack, the player also has to consult Fike. Upon saving him, the distillery downstairs is run by Marcel, a French expert cook and old acquaintance of Fike. The player can order Marcel to cook a batch of moonshine to sell it to a customer. The player can also invite other players into their shack.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The shacks are also present in Story Mode, though they serve no purpose to the player.



Name Price
Flammable Moonshine $20
Toxic Moonshine x1 $5
Toxic Moonshine Pamphlet $500
1 token


Name Price Note
Bar Expansion $950
1 token
Band Expansion $0
1 token
Requires role rank 5 and Bar Expansion


Name Price
Basic Décor Default
Floral Décor 15 gold bars
Hunter Décor 15 gold bars
Refined Décor 10 gold bars

Business Upgrades

Name Price Note
Condenser Upgrade $825 Unlocks Average Moonshine quality
Polished Copper Upgrade $875
3 tokens
Requires role rank 10 and Condenser Upgrade

Unlocks Average Moonshine quality


Name Price
O'Creagh's Run Photograph $150
Dockyard Photograph $200
Estate Photograph $175
Rio Bravo Photograph $165
Chapel Photograph $260
Buck Photograph Outlaw Pass 2
Fox Photograph Outlaw Pass 2
Bear Photograph Outlaw Pass 2
Elk Photograph Outlaw Pass 2

Moonshine production

Producing a charge of moonshine takes three steps. At first, the player has to buy mash. The default mash price is $50. However, the cost can be lowered by completing bootlegger and moonshiner story missions. Every completed mission will lower the price by $20, until the minimum cost of $10 is reached. At the same time, the player can choose between weak, average and strong moonshine, depending on the purchased improvements. By default, weak moonshine will take 30 minutes, average moonshine 45 minutes and strong moonshine 60 minutes. Each production duration is lowered by 20 per cent on a later rank of the moonshiner role.

Next, the player needs to flavor the moonshine. They can choose between a maximum of 10 different flavors. Flavors are classified in three different quality levels, of which the highest will reward the player with the best possible price, if delivered undamaged. Alternatively, Bert Higgins will also accept non-flavored moonshine.

In the last step, the player has to choose a buyer. There is not always a customer available for every flavor, so timing matters. While delivering, the player must pay attention to the charge not being damaged as well as to roadblocks of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Upon delivery, the player will receive their money. There may be a lower payout if the batch has been greatly damaged.

Moonshine Recipes

Name Ingredients
Agarita Sunrise Moonshine 1x Canned Strawberries, 1x Evergreen Huckleberry, 1x Agarita
Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine 1x Apple, 1x Blackberry, 1x Vanilla Flower
*Berry Cobbler Moonshine 1x Canned Peaches, 1x Raspberry, 1x Peach
Berry Mint Moonshine 1x Canned Strawberries, 1x Blackberry, 1x Wild Mint
Evergreen Moonshine 1x Evergreen Huckleberry, 1x Wintergreen Berry, 1x Ginseng
**Poison Poppy's Moonshine 1x Prairie Poppy + 1x Oleander Sage + 1x Absinthe
*Spiced Island Moonshine 1x Canned Apricots, 1x Currant, Caribbean Rum
Tropical Punch Moonshine 1x Canned Pineapples, 1x Pear, 1x Vanilla Flower
Wild Cider Moonshine 1x Apple, 1x Ginseng, 1x Currant
*Wild Creek Moonshine 1x Wild Mint, 1x Vanilla Flower, 1x Creek Plum

*: Only unlocked upon reaching rank 1, rank 10 and rank 5. (In that order)

**: Has to be found during a random encounter.


The customers are NPCs who the moonshine can be sold to upon completion. Based on flavor and quality, the price a customer will pay for one charge varies.

The customer list is reset every in-game day. Every buyer, with the exception of Bert Higgins, has one preferred flavor which is the only one they will accept. Except for Higgins, all customers appear randomly on the list.

Name Preferred recipe
Bert Higgins All Flavors
Bart James Berry Mint Moonshine
Charlotte French Poison Poppy's Moonshine
Connie Fairchild Wild Creek Moonshine
Dylan Brown Evergreen Moonshine
Eddie Bray Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine
Edwin Martel Poison Poppy's Moonshine
Finney Scott Tropical Punch Moonshine
Francie Wade Wild Creek Moonshine
Frank Bennett Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine
Hal Baker Berry Cobbler Moonshine
Ham Jacobs Tropical Punch Moonshine
Hank Andrews Evergreen Moonshine
Berry Cobbler Moonshine
Joseph Godwin Spiced Island Moonshine
Lewis Wells Berry Cobbler Moonshine
Loretta Devereux Wild Creek Moonshine
Milton Pierce Spiced Island Moonshine
Mo Carlyle Berry Cobbler Moonshine
Nate Abney Berry Mint Moonshine
Nathan Adair Spiced Island Moonshine
Tad Eliot Evergreen Moonshine


  • Moonshine Shacks currently serve as the only form of property that can be owned in Red Dead Online.
  • After purchasing the bar, the player will be holding a cup of moonshine in it upon completing one of the DLC story missions.
  • Each shack also has a small, inaccessible room that can only be entered through the use of glitches.
  • Some customers share the same model.