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Mordecai Robbard's niece rdr.jpg
Gender Female
Location Town of Blackwater in Great Plains, West Elizabeth
Status Alive
Family Mordecai Robbard - Uncle
Unnamed Father - (Possibly Undead)
Unnamed Mother - (Undead)
And, mister, if you see my uncle Mordecai, burn him! Burn him real good, ya hear?!
Mordecai Robbard's niece to John Marston

Mordecai Robbard's niece is a minor character featured in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Mordecai Robbard's niece appears in the survivor mission "Curious Tales from Blackwater". According to her, she is the niece of Mordecai Robbard.


Marston finds her hiding in the Tailor's shop. She is hiding from the Undead and is visibly frightened. She claims that her mother killed her father - despite the fact that her mother had died of smallpox three years earlier.

She is the first to suggest to Marston that the dead have come back to life. She proposes that he go and burn out all of the corpses in the Blackwater cemetery. John asks if she would like to come with him, but instead, she gives him a Torch and decides to remain behind, stating that she has seen enough of her formerly dead family members.


All the dead folk have come back to life, mister, only they ain't happy. Funny kind of Salvation.
Mordecai Robbard's niece to John Marston


  • In trying to paint a more favorable picture of her father, she inadvertently admits that he was simultaneously a drunk, a wife-beater, an adulterer and a whoremonger. Though she is quick to add that he was still a "good man" despite these shortcomings, suggesting she is suffering from extreme denial.


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