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Morris Peyton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Morris Peyton is an auctioneer in Valentine, who works at the Jackson Worth auction yard.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Peyton is seen when Arthur Morgan and John Marston enter his auction yard with a herd of sheep that they have rustled. However, Peyton is quick to question their origin and says that he won’t tell anyone that they have been rustled, in exchange for 25% off. While Arthur is unwilling to compromise, John negotiates with Morris and they eventually settle at 18% off, in exchange for the crime being kept secret. Arthur and John then go to Keane's Saloon, intending to come back and collect the money later.

Due to the subsequent shootout in the town, Arthur and John are unable to go back and collect the money from Peyton. John allegedly claims that he intends to go back there to retrieve the payment, but it is ultimately unknown whether he does.

Peyton is seen eight years later in the ending credits, sitting inside Smithfield's Saloon with a woman. He is approached by Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham, who question him for information in their hunt for Micah Bell's killer.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • There is a stranger in Valentine who can approach the player in one of the town's two saloons who will mention that they believe Morris Peyton bribes Sheriff Malloy to ignore his dealings with rustlers.