Take a gamble that love exists, and do a loving act!
Mother Superior

Mother Superior Calderón is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a minor character in both Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2.


Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur initially encounters the nun after helping Brother Dorkins. Brother Dorkin and Calderón are seen a church in the slums of Saint Denis teaching some boys to read. Brother Dorkins introduces Arthur to her. During her conversation with Arthur, one of the boys steals her crucifix necklace. Arthur decides to chase after the boy and she states to Arthur not to harm the boy. After Arthur retrieves the crucifix, she will be seen talking to priest at the church cathedral. She will thank Arthur for getting back her crucifix and states that her mother gave it her.

She will later ask Arthur to donate money and food to a food bank she is making for the poor.

If the player has high honor and has completed the stranger mission "Of Men and Angels" she will appear in the mission "The Fine Art of Conversation" in place of Orville Swanson at the train station preparing to leave to go to Mexico.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

Twelve years later, Mother Superior plays a small part in the Stranger side-mission "I Know You". She collects money for the poor outside Las Hermanas. A Strange Man sends Marston to either donate or rob her. If Marston donates, the player will have random encounters with other nuns asking Marston for a donation.

Mother Superior also appears in the Stranger side-mission "Eva in Peril". She informs Marston that Eva Cortes left Las Hermanas with a man, and that they were heading for Sepulcro.

Mother Superior can also be found in Las Hermanas doing odd jobs, and eating steak on the second floor in Las Hermanas church.

Undead Nightmare

John Marston first meets Mother Superior outside Las Hermanas, while she is busy fighting off an Undead, which she ultimately kills with a repeater shot. After the Undead is killed, John and Mother Superior chat and Mother Superior says that the other nuns are less inclined to kill the Undead and are not as resourceful as John and herself, so she asks John to save them inside Las Hermanas. After John does so, John asks Mother Superior if she knows anything about the plague, and Mother Superior states that if John can find her an Undead that has recently turned, she can find out more about them.

When John brings her an Undead, Mother Superior suspects that it is an evil cause, and she pours Holy Water on the Undead. The man or woman shortly returns to the world of the living, after being briefly bathed in a blue flame, before it returns to its growling. John notes this, to which Mother Superior informs him that spiritual infections are confusing things that no one can ever understand. After some dialogue, Mother Superior asks John to cleanse Sepulcro and then gives him the Holy Water. When John cleanses the graveyard and returns to Mother Superior, she will state that a woman mentioned to her that all of this may have been caused by Abraham Reyes, so she tells John that he should travel to Escalera. They don't meet again.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption

Undead Nightmare


  • "You know, a long time ago, I was like you [...] I did terrible things, awful things, and I could not stop doing terrible things, because I did not believe that goodness existed... and then, one day, I saw that love did exist, and ever since then, doing bad things became... well, not impossible, but... ridiculous!"" – Sister Calderón during Of Men and Angels
  • "Religion is just a word. Hearts are rarely pure, but equally are they rarely impure either. [...] To me, God is people, and people are God, so we must all do what we can." – Sister Calderón during Of Men and Angels
  • "Don't worry so much about your heart. The actions will lead, and the heart follows." – Sister Calderón during Of Men and Angels
  • "I'll still think of you in very nasty terms, as you wish." – Sister Calderón during Of Men and Angels
  • "You are wonderful, Mr. Morgan. [...] Oh, I meant wonderful, but... so very frightening, as you wish. Consider your good deed done for the day. I won't subject you to anymore benevolence." – Sister Calderón during Of Men and Angels
  • "We've all live bad lives, Mr. Morgan; we all sin... but I know you. [You don't know me.] Forgive me, but that is the problem. You don't know you!" – Sister Calderón during The Fine Art of Conversation with high Honor
  • "Life is full of pain... but there is also love and beauty. [...] Be grateful that for the first time, you see your life clearly." – Sister Calderón during The Fine Art of Conversation with high Honor
  • "Arthur Morgan: But I still don't believe in nothing.
    Sister Calderón: Often, neither do I... but then I meet someone like you, and everything makes sense.
    " – Arthur Morgan and Sister Calderón during The Fine Art of Conversation with high Honor
  • "There is nothing to be afraid of Mr. Morgan. Take a gamble that love exists, and do a loving act!" – Sister Calderón during The Fine Art of Conversation with high Honor
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