Muchas gracias! My family is indebted to you. Forgive my English.

Mr. Fortuna to John Marston

Mr. Fortuna is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.


He is the elderly father of Emilio, Luisa and Miranda and the husband of Mrs. Fortuna. His family resides in Campo Mirada and are strongly pro-rebel. He speaks some English, but he admits that he is not very good at it.


Marston meets him briefly as the Fortunas are abandoning Campo Mirada during the Luisa Fortuna mission "My Sister's Keeper". He is later revealed by Luisa to have been brutally murdered by Mexican Army soldiers loyal to Colonel Allende, and after they killed him, they, according to Luisa, "cut his heart out and fed it to their dogs". It is clear her father's inhumane death further fuels her passion for the revolution; leaving his eldest daughter, Luisa, strongly determined to ensure that his death is not in vain.

Mission Appearances

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