For our semi-final round, we have a three-time winner and current champion. The sharpest shooter and dresser in the whole territory... Mr. Kelley!
Sheriff Bartlett introducing Mr. Kelley

Mr. Kelley is a supporting character and a secondary antagonist featured in Red Dead Revolver.

After completing the mission "Battle Finale" with an Excellent rating, Mr. Kelley becomes available as a playable character in Showdown Mode.

With the addition of the Legends and Killers DLC pack, Mr. Kelley is a multiplayer character model in Red Dead Redemption.



Mr. Kelley is the three-time champion of the annual Battle Royale in Brimstone. He is one of Governor Griffon's top hired guns.

He is always well dressed and can often be found playing cards in the saloon.

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Mr. Kelley, please join me at the mansion when you've finally taken care of business.
Griffon to Kelley.

Red first sees Mr. Kelley in the Saloon in Brimstone after completing the mission "The Cemetery". He tells Red that the Governor asked him to pass on his regards, but then advises Red to leave town as he thinks Red has no future in Brimstone.

Kelley's allegiance to Griffon is first revealed during the mission "Jailbreak" when one of the duelists that Red faces mentions that it was Mr. Kelley who told them to guard the Bear Mountain Mine. He is seen in a cutscene for the first time at the end of the mission "Hell Pass" when he shows up to deal with Buffalo Soldier at the governor's mansion.

Kelley is seen a few times, fighting other duelists during "Battle Royale". After dueling and killing Kid Cougar, Red can talk to Kelley.

Red is forced into fighting Mr. Kelley after Governor Griffon hijacks the competition. His men take the Sheriff inside and presumably beat him because he is injured afterward. After the Governor takes over he disqualifies Jack Swift and Annie Stoakes, leaving only Mr. Kelley and Red to decide the Royale.

After Red defeats Kelley in a duel, Governor Griffon orders Kelley to kill Red before fleeing the area. Mr. Kelley has soon recovered from the shots, and starts to shoot at Red. Despite the presence of civilians, Red manages to kill Kelley quickly.

Redemption Saga

Note: The events of Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 are not considered part of the same canon as Red Dead Revolver. The following description is therefore not contiguous with the preceding section on Red Dead Revolver.

Like many other characters in Red Dead Revolver, Mr. Kelley is a legendary figure in the Redemption universe. He is well known for being the three-time champion of the Brimstone Battle Royale, until his duel with Red Harlow.[1]



Mr. Kelley is very confident in his skills, to the point of often being arrogant: he considers himself above everyone, usually mocking other people with false compliments, like with Red, and believes working for the governor makes him untouchable. He seems to have a softer side with Natalie, training her into a gunslinger.


Kelley as a Redemption Multiplayer skin.

Kelley is a well-dressed fellow, sporting a black vest with white markings, dark pants, a white undershirt and a grey bow tie along with white gloves. He also wears a large black flop hat. Kelley has a well-kept black goatee and long, dark hair flowing down to his shoulders.

As a result of superior graphical power and a different art style, Mr. Kelley's Red Dead Redemption model is different in certain aspects. Namely Kelley's suit and hat are slightly different, wearing a less flamboyant black suit lacking as many markings, his hat having a wider brim and having shorter hair. His facial hair has also changed in appearance, as his goatee is more unkempt, with his mustache being thicker and separated from his beard, which instead lightly threads across the side of his face. Moreover, his bow tie, which is a much lighter shade, is now accompanied by a black ribbon.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Revolver

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Kelley is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Contestants in the Battle Royale section. The entry also mentions that Mr. Kelley is frequently accompanied by a young girl named Natalie, whom he is training to be a gunslinger like him. It is unclear if Natalie is related or merely a protégé. She can be seen in Brimstone saloon.

"Mr. Kelley made his way working as a mercenary for the highest bidder, and touring shooting competitions. He made quite a nice deal for himself, taking the Governor's gold and handling the most difficult problems. Winning the Battle Royale every year was something Kelley would probably do for the fun of it, but the Governor pays him anyway since it keeps the most dangerous fish out of his pond."


Red Dead Revolver

Should I make it quick and shoot you between the eyes? Or should I shoot you in the stomach and watch you bleed to death?
Mr. Kelley
You have to be quicker than that!
It looks like youre gonna spend rest of your life... DEAD!
Upon selecting in Showdown

Redemption Multiplayer

  • "Time to die, my friend."
  • "Looks like you'll spend the rest of your life...dead."
  • "Congratulations. You came in second."
  • "I do apologize. You met your match, and then some."
  • "It's goodbye from me, my friend."
  • "You're an amateur mixing with professionals."
  • "My God, your parents must be ashamed about what they produced."
  • "Your time on Earth is about to come to an unhappy conclusion."
  • "You're nothing, my friend. Nothing at all."
  • "I hope you enjoy your last breath."
  • "I would wish you luck, but it would do you no good."
  • "Soon you will be feeding the wildlife... literally."
  • "I hope you enjoy a happy afterlife."
  • "When will they send me someone real to kill?"
  • "Prepare to be perforated."
  • "I deal in death, friend, and it looks like you've just won."
  • "You'll make a mighty fine corpse."
  • "Embrace death, my friend, because it's all that you've got."
  • "I hope you've said your prayers, because you're off to heaven."
  • "I'm afraid you're about to die, my friend."
  • "You'll make a pretty corpse."
  • "You'll suit a coffin, my friend."
  • "You, my friend, are about to die."
  • "You're about to discover the truth about the afterlife."
  • "Hahahaha! You're a bad joke, poorly told."
  • "It's time to say farewell to this mortal coil."
  • "Time for you to say farewell, cruel world."
  • "Well I hope you don't mind getting killed, my friend."
  • "Ha! You amateur."
  • "I imagine your family will brood...but not too much."


  • Mr. Kelley's surname might suggest he is of Irish descent, but he speaks with a Spanish accent and dresses in a Spanish outfit.
  • When in a shootout with Kelley, even if shot in the head as much as possible, he remains unaffected, immediately getting back up and proceeding to run away while shooting at the player.
  • Mr. Kelley was modeled after Lance Henriksen's character Ace Hanlon in the 1995 film "The Quick and the Dead", as well as his multiplayer appearance in Red Dead Redemption.
  • There is a rare glitch on Xbox where when the player shoots Mr. Kelley, he will not die, but instead spin around and continue shooting the player.
  • In the description on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PSN for the Legends and Killers DLC, Kelley's name is misspelled as "Kelly".
  • Mr. Kelley is the only duel opponent in Red Dead Revolver who has to also be defeated in a boss fight.
  • Kelley's outfit in Revolver includes a second empty holster on the front of his belly, which has been cut out from his model in Redemption.



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