My daddy settled this land and I know he'll be looking down on us, pleased at how we helped the natives.

Mrs. Bush, who has an unusual definition of the word "help"

Mrs. Bush is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption. She appears in the game's opening cutscene.


Based on her comments and dress, she is from a family of means, but she doesn't scorn Nate Johns like Mrs. Ditkiss. She seems to have no concept of how living as the Native Americans did could be desirable, and feels they should welcome the coming of "civilization."

According to her, her father was one of the pioneers that settled New Austin.


The player has no real interaction with her beyond overhearing her conversation with Mrs. Ditkiss. However, she can be seen waiting at the station of Benedict Point, after the completion of the mission "Born Unto Trouble" and the completion of the second part of the stranger side mission "Lights, Camera, Action."

Mission appearances


  • Mrs. Bush may be a reference to the wealthy Bush family who reside in Texas, on which New Austin is partly based. However, the Bushes are not from Texas, but rather Connecticut, so the name could just be a coincidence.
  • Mrs. Bush can be killed later on in the game, after the completion of the second part of the stranger-side mission "Lights, Camera, Action", Mrs. Bush can be seen waiting at Benedict Point.
  • Her conversation with Mrs. Ditkiss serves as an early representation of the themes of Red Dead Redemption, such as the death of the Old West, hypocrisy, ignorance and greed.


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