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Christy Weller, a multiplayer character unlocked by achieving the highest possible rank.

Multiplayer characters are playable characters that the player can unlock and use in multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption.


Each multiplayer character has a unique appearance and a set of quotes that are used during play (and can be triggered by the player). A few characters are provided upon first starting multiplayer while the rest need to be unlocked through achieving higher ranks or completing Multiplayer Challenges. Additional characters are provided through various DLC, as noted in the tables that follow.

Most of the multiplayer characters provided with the original game are either characters from the single player campaign or renamed look-alikes. There are four multiplayer characters that do not otherwise appear in the game: Alice Thayer, Sarah Grace, Christy Weller and The Tudisco Kid.

Players can review and select from the available characters in the Outfitter.



Character Name Unlocked
Earle Martin Level 1
Jarred Vaughan Level 2
Guy Percival Level 10
Tony Gallows Level 14
Quick Tom Candle Level 19
Gerald Conway Level 25
D.R. Gosset Level 33
Harvard Coskie Level 39


Character Name Unlocked
Alfredo Castaneda Level 1
Ramon Paradiso Level 2
Jaime Garcia Level 10
Cristoban Borracha Level 12
Jesus Eccheveria Level 21
Michael Sustantivo Level 25
Juan Sierra Level 33
Ramon Dominguez Level 42

Dutch's Gang

Character Name Unlocked
Al Wolfscreed Level 1
Mala Yawetch Level 4
Hank Shiyani Level 12
Sanisuni Wagi Level 16
Kintan Tageyutsi Level 19
Jeevan Guni Level 23
Jay Sheeyah Level 27
Chief Mangan Level 42

Walton's Gang

Character Name Unlocked
Pat O'Flanagan Level 1
Benjamin Earl Level 4
Mac Backman Level 12
Knobby Tom Alwin Level 19
Markus Barnes Level 27
David Anthony Level 36
Tricky Pat Dempson Level 42
TJ Laubach Level 44

Cattle Rustlers

Character Name Unlocked
John Kelby Level 1
Ian Connors Level 6
Wayne Daniels Level 14
Michael Reese Level 21
Bo Schram Level 29
Shep Thomas Level 36
L.S. Roberts Level 45
The Tudisco Kid Level 50

American Army

Character Name Unlocked
Slick Nick Funtz Level 1
Tall Trees Ty Level 6
Gaptooth McGee Level 14
Big Bob Moorcock Level 21
Frederick Littlefield Level 29
Stephen Paul Level 36
Jan Booth Level 45
Eric Morganson Level 48


Character Name Unlocked
Jose Falotico Level 1
Gustavo Andares Level 7
Cristo Francisco Level 16
Ramon Zapata Level 23
Mark Rafael Level 31
Juan Diaz Level 39
Jefe Bautista Level 48
Raudel Diaz Level 50


Character Name Unlocked
Seth LaValley Level 1
RJ Peart Level 7
Fred Everts Level 16
Rowan Babcock Level 23
Heath Michaels Level 31
Robert Daniels Level 39
Conor Callahan Level 48
Sean Cobbler Level 50


Character Name Unlocked
Hank Sutter Level 1
David Darwinson Level 1
Leon Cornwell Level 1
Derek Fulton Level 1
Daren Ward Level 1
Colby Oats Level 1
Charley Burg Level 1
Dillon Metzen Level 1

Misc Women

Character Name Unlocked
Madam Hernandez Level 1
Carrie Boudicca Level 23
Nicole Louise Level 25
Melissa Rose Level 27
Arlene Dunn Level 29
Allie Dickey Level 31
Alice Thayer Level 33
Sarah Grace Level 50

Misc Mexicans

Character Name Unlocked
Alejandro Cruz Level 1
Jefe Rocha Level 1
Roberto Gatos Level 1
Antonio Xavier Level 1
Esteban Morales Level 1
Juan Vargas Level 1
Jose Rodriguez Level 1
Billy Sanchez Level 4
Fernando Naranjo Level 7

Misc Criminals

Character Name Unlocked
Jason M. Bright Level 1
Garett Comstock Level 1
Dr. Lane Davies Level 1
Stuart B. Wilson III Level 1
Charley Bullock Level 1
Dirty Dan Pister Level 1
Nick Klein Level 1
Abraham Marsh Level 3
Jesse Lange Level 6
Nick Robbins Level 10


Character Name Unlocked
Kyle McGinty Legend 1
Ezekiel Hogey Legend 2
Mescalero Mike Legend 3
Theo Crenshaw Legend 4
Christy Weller Legend 5

DLC Characters

Red Dead Revolver

Character Name Unlocked
Red Harlow Legends and Killers
Jack Swift Legends and Killers
Buffalo Soldier Legends and Killers
Shadow Wolf Legends and Killers
Pig Josh Legends and Killers
Annie Stoakes Legends and Killers
Ugly Chris Legends and Killers
Mr. Kelley Legends and Killers


Character Name Unlocked
Abigail Marston Liars and Cheats
Bonnie MacFarlane Liars and Cheats
Jack Marston Liars and Cheats
John Marston Liars and Cheats
Leigh Johnson Liars and Cheats
Luisa Fortuna Liars and Cheats
Nigel West Dickens Liars and Cheats
Seth Briars Liars and Cheats


Character Name Unlocked
Abraham Reyes Liars and Cheats
Agustin Allende Liars and Cheats
Bill Williamson Liars and Cheats
Dutch van der Linde Liars and Cheats
Edgar Ross Liars and Cheats
Harold MacDougal Liars and Cheats
Irish Liars and Cheats


Character Name Unlocked
Poe Boll Undead Nightmare
Magic Jackson Undead Nightmare
Zombie Ricketts Undead Nightmare
Zombie Marston Undead Nightmare
Viper Craven Undead Nightmare
Ishmael Raimi Undead Nightmare
Sarah Reese Undead Nightmare
Paco Romero Undead Nightmare


Character Name Unlocked
Landon Ricketts Myths and Mavericks
Vicente de Santa Myths and Mavericks
Javier Escuella Myths and Mavericks
Jonah Myths and Mavericks
Eli Myths and Mavericks
Drew MacFarlane Myths and Mavericks
Uncle Myths and Mavericks
Nastas Myths and Mavericks


A video shows all multiplayer characters.

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