(Marston finds the Fortuna family)

Miranda: No pesa mucho. Esta bien, mama. Esta bien. (Not heavy. Okay, mom. This is fine.)

Mrs. Fortuna: No, no.

Luisa: Ah, Señor Marston! ¡Mama, papa, este es el gringo que me salvo! (Mom, Dad, this is the gringo who saved me'!)

Mr. Fortuna: Muchas gracias! My family is indebted to you. Forgive my English.

Marston: What's happening?

Luisa: Great and terrible things! The revolution is coming! The country will be in turmoil once more. This time, we hope is the last time.

Marston: Does that seem likely?

Luisa: With Abraham Reyes, anything is possible!

Marston: Where is your family going?

Luisa: My parents and my brother are headed to the hills. My sister has to flee. The army have an unfortunate way of treating women.

Marston: And you?

Luisa: Don't worry about me, Mr. Marston. I am living in history. I am not afraid to die.

Marston: Your nobility's almost as affecting as your naivety.

Luisa: I would rather be dead than a cynic like you, Mr. Marston.

Marston: I would too...

Luisa: I know you're not really like that. You saved me.

Mr. Fortuna: Luisa. ¿Quien va a salvar a Miranda? Tenemos que llevarla al puerto! Su barco sale al anochecer. ¡No queda tiempo! (Who will save Miranda? We have to get to port! Your boat departs at dusk.There's no time!)

Luisa: Mr. Marston, can I ask one more favor of you? Can you take my sister to the docks? We are sending her to work for a kind man in the Yucatán. She is too young for revolution.

Marston: Okay. Anything I can do to help out.

Luisa:The boat leaves at sundown. Miranda, vamos.

Ms. Fortuna: (crying) Adios, Miranda. Ten cuidado! (Beware!)

Miranda: Emilio works as a driver. We will take his stagecoach.

Miranda: Let's go. Before I change my mind.

(They run into a checkpoint)

Guard: Paren! Papeles! Esta camino esta prohibito! (Stop! Papers! This road is prohibited!)

Miranda: What do they want now? Act normal. It's nothing to worry about.

Guard: Te conozco! Eres una pinche rebelde! (I know! You're a ****ing rebel!)

Guard 2: Disparen! No los dejen escapar! (Shoot! Do not let them escape!)

(Marston kills the guards and continues on, bypassing several other roadblocks)

Miranda: Gracias a Dios! (Thank the lord!) We made it in time. Thank you for everything! Will I see you when I return?

Marston: Not likely. I ain't planning on stayin' very long.

Miranda: In some other life, then.

Marston: Maybe. You should get going. Travel safely.

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