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Mystery Site is an unofficial name for an unmarked location in Red Dead Redemption near Repentance Rock. It refers to small objects, possibly a Native American shrine or burial site, on the ground.


There is a deer pelt on the ground with cryptic markings on it surrounded by three rune stones with various symbols carved into them placed at north, west, and east. There is also a 'plate' at the southern point of the configuration with carvings on it: (from left to right) a sun, a large man, a devil like man, a spear or tree, and what is thought to be a buffalo.

The player cannot interact with the objects in any way.


Off the main road is a smaller trail that makes a loop just south of Repentance Rock. In the approximate center of the loop in between two bushes is where this site can be found.

Native American Symbolism

Traditionally, the bear-print means "good omen" in Native American lore, suggesting the map (if it indeed is a map) leads to treasure. On the other hand, the bear-print may simply mean that the Native Americans finally found "goodness" (peace).

The medicine wheel is a universal symbol of healing, again, suggesting that the plains and forests of the northeast had saved them. In another words, it symbolism The sacred circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center to the spirits of the north, east, south, and west - or to the basic elements fire, water, wind, and earth.

Triangles in Native American symbolism usually referred to the Tipi, or temporary homes. The sun-down marking over the triangle could indicate that the Native Americans' "old ways" on the frontier are over, and they must move on to the reservations to survive. Or maybe an eye on the top of a Pyramid. Though Pyramid is not seen in Red Dead Redemption, the triangle would mean the top of the mountain.

The sun with a seven rays, in Native American symbolism the seven energy centers within human beings, and also the development of each of these energy centers. This symbol identifies the healing arts, and represents a peace-loving person. It also signifies the transitional power behind an entity who is evolved enough to radiate internal light outward in the environment. 


The Guardian Plate shown below in a sketch and actual picture:


Red Dead Redemption - Mystery Site Easter Egg

Red Dead Redemption - Mystery Site Easter Egg


  • Most of the symbol represent a Paganism, or Shamanistic cultures symbols.
  • The meaning of the animal with a horn is unknown, as Native Americans doesn't have that types of animal.
  • The feature is missing in Red Dead Redemption 2. Instead the Sperm Whale Bones point of interest is located just to the the south over the track.
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