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Developer(s) Rockstar San Diego
Rockstar North
Publisher(s) Rockstar Games
Release Date North America: September 13, 2011
Europe: September 13, 2011
Platform(s) ps3Icon ps3 PS3
xbox360Icon xbox360 Xbox 360
Engine(s) RAGE
Price Free
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Genre(s) Sandbox, Third-person shooter, action-adventure
Rating(s) BBFC: BBFC 18 sign (grey back) rated 18

ESRB: ERSB Mature sign (smaller) rated "Mature"

OFLC: OFLC MA15 sign (grey back) rated "MA15+ Restricted"

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The Myths and Mavericks bonus pack is a piece of free downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption that was released on September 13th, 2011 via Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. The DLC requires the installation of Title Update 1.07.


The DLC was first hinted at on June 6, 2011 in an announcement that stated it was being made for fans, "as a show of appreciation for your amazing support since the game’s release last year"[1]. A follow-up post on July 27 pinned down the September timeframe and included the teaser that Landon Ricketts would be a playable character[2]. The final release date and contents were revealed in an announcement on September 1, 2011[3]. It is the final piece of DLC to be released for the game.


The DLC includes new multiplayer characters and new multiplayer locations, as detailed in the sections below. There are no new Trophies/Achievements, Multiplayer Challenges, or Titles associated with this DLC, but stats accumulated within the new map locations do count towards existing challenges.

Multiplayer Characters

These eight characters are all added to the Outfitter under the "Revolution" category:

Multiplayer Locations

New competitive map locations for Shootout, Grab the Bag, Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Hold Your Own, and Stronghold:

Note: Rio Bravo has already been used in Shootout and Gang Shootout maps, but required the Legends and Killers DLC. With Myths and Mavericks, the maps are now available even to players without Legends and Killers. The loadouts and game conditions are different than in the Legends and Killers Rio Bravo maps.

Multiplayer Playlists

The preceding map locations were initially accessed via three new playlists: Myths and Mavericks Free For All Games, Myths and Mavericks Gang Matches, and Myths and Mavericks Stronghold. On September 23, 2011, the playlists were adjusted, adding a hardcore option and merging the Stronghold matches into the playlist with the Gang matches[4]. Due to a limitation on the total number of playlists, there is not a separate hardcore playlist for FFA games. Instead, Rockstar will alternate the FFA playlist between normal and hardcore on a weekly basis.

The updated playlists are:

  • Myths and Mavericks Free For All Games
    • Free For All games - changes between normal and hardcore on a weekly basis
  • Myths and Mavericks Team Games
    • Gang matches + Stronghold
  • Myths and Mavericks Hardcore Team Games
    • Gang matches + Stronghold


  • No other DLC is required to play on Myths and Mavericks game modes. Therefore, a player without the Liars and Cheats DLC pack can still play Myths and Mavericks Stronghold.
  • The game maps added by Myths and Mavericks include three features not present in any of the maps released before:
    • Dangerous animals: bears, boars, and cougars appear on certain maps in FFA, Gang matches, and Stronghold and will attack players during the match. Previously there was no risk of animal attack during these game modes.
    • Standoff/Showdown weapon variety: Previously, only Revolvers and Pistols were used in the standoff/showdown that starts a match. On certain Myths and Mavericks maps, Shotguns or the Tomahawk are used.
    • The Explosive Rifle is available in chests on many of the new FFA and Gang maps. Previously this weapon was only available in Stronghold and in certain gang hideouts.


  • Unlike almost all of the other characters featured in Multiplayer, the characters in this pack only have 7 taunts.
  • Rather than using a different actor for Landon Ricketts, Rockstar used Singleplayer quotes, in respect to Ross Hagen (Landon Ricketts' voice actor) who died of prostate cancer.



Red Dead Redemption - Myths and Mavericks DLC Commentary Review

Red Dead Redemption - Myths and Mavericks DLC Commentary Review


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