Nate Davison is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Nate Davison lives at Catfish Jacksons with his father, Algie Davison. His mother abandoned the family at an unknown point in time due to his father's gambling addiction, alcoholism and his abusiveness. At some stage, his father took a loan from and Leopold Strauss and subsequently owed him money.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Main story

If Arthur Morgan decides to rob his father's house instead of doing the mission for Leopold Strauss, Nate is seen arguing with his father about not having food for days, while his father tells him to get a job. Nate tells his father that he will either gamble or waste the money, to which his father slaps him in response. Nate then tells him that that is the reason why his mother left. By then, Nate notices the player and alerts his father. After Algie has been neutralised by the player, Nate begs Arthur not to kill him and reveals that the money is in the chimney.

Upon seeing Arthur on the property, Algie takes him inside to give him a drink. He orders Nate to serve a drink to them, while he looks for a box of money. However, this turns out to be a trick, as Algie attacks Arthur when he is drinking or taking the empty box. While Algie attacks Arthur, Nate runs into his room to hide. After defeating Algie, Arthur enters Nate's room, where Nate is hiding under his bed. Nate begs Arthur not to kill him, while Arthur asks him where the money is; Nate then tells him that he hid some of the money from his father inside his foot locker.


Nate can be found by John Marston, still living in Catfish Jacksons. However, Nate ultimately becomes an unhappy drunkard, just like his father was (who is dead by the epilogue regardless of what choice the player ultimately makes). If John enters the house, Nate angrily tells him to leave and will then attack him if he doesn't comply.



Nate is very impatient with his father's drunken ways, he tries to implore him to move on from his ways. He is fearful of him as he is afraid of the beatings he has to endure.

Despite his resentment, he loves his father as he will beg the player not to kill his father because he is the only relative he has. Nate will also break down if his father is killed and will become vengeful to the player for the death of his parent.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • If Arthur kills Algie Davison and re-enters the house later, Nate will try to stab him, forcing Arthur to either kill him or flee the area.


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