Apparently, Mr. Johns wants to run for governor, which is why he's so concerned with cleaning up the state.
Mrs. Bush, regarding Nate Johns.

Nate Johns is a minor and unseen character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nate Johns is a politician in the the Commonwealth of West Elizabeth.

He is first referred to by Mrs. Ditkiss, who was one of two women sitting behind John in the opening titles of the game and first cutscene in "Exodus in America." She believes that Nate Johns' family is "hillbilly trash that came here after the war." (This could either be implying the American Civil War or the Mexican-American War.) He is then referred to by the other woman sitting behind Marston, Mrs. Bush, who says: "It seems that money can buy voters, though."

His story is told through the Blackwater Ledger newspaper. When first mentioned, he is merely a candidate for Governor. By 1914, he is implicated in several scandals and is vacationing far away from West Elizabeth. From what we hear of Johns, he is not above unscrupulous practices like buying votes, manipulation and blackmail.


Aside from a few references and playing a key background role in the Stranger side-mission "American Lobbyist", the player has no interaction with Nate Johns.


  • Nate Johns is referenced in the Stranger side-mission "American Lobbyist". In this stranger mission, signs of his underhanded tactics are seen by using incriminating photographs to blackmail Aldous Worthington, a proponent of a challenging candidate. It appears later through the newspaper articles in 1914 that this continued but was ultimately his downfall.
  • Aldous Worthington's accusations against Johns range from "corruption and vote-rigging to extortion, kidnapping and sexual depravity." Additionally, Worthington feels that Johns' stake in local businesses and the railroads compromises Johns' ability to be a fair and just leader. Johns dismisses the claims calling Worthington a hack, and his allegations as the "jealous slurs of a pitiful man desperately clinging to his career like a drowning man to a piece of wood."
  • He is one of the first characters named.
  • Nate's rival in the gubernatorial election, named in the second newspaper, was a politician named Archibald Atkinson from Alabama. Alongside other scandals and controversies, Atkinson's chances were ruined by his failure to enforce racial segregation, treating blacks equal to whites in many situations.
  • In the DLC Liars and Cheats, there is a Horse Racing Grand Prix circuit named after him, the N. Johns Invitational. It consists of five races throughout New Austin.
  • NPCs around the United States can be heard mentioning "that Nate Johns is more crooked than a dog's hindleg." This further implies his corruption.

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