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Most important thing for you right now is getting yourself into Doctor Johnston's office to purchase some medicine.
Bonnie MacFarlane to John Marston

Nathanial Johnston is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Nathanial Johnston is a qualified physician. He owns the Doctor's Office in Armadillo, where he sells numerous medical items. He has a relative, Judith Johnston, buried in Coot's Chapel.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

When John Marston is shot in the ribs by one of Bill Williamson's men, Bonnie MacFarlane, along with Amos, take him to Doctor Johnston in Armadillo. Johnston removes the bullet from John and bandages the wound. According to Bonnie MacFarlane, he said John would be fine as soon as he saw he wasn't dead.

Sometime after John Marston had recovered, John and Bonnie returned to Armadillo. There, Johnston gave John some medicine, previously paid for by Bonnie. Hereafter, Doctor Johnston is always available in Armadillo, where Marston can purchase medical supplies.


  • He has exactly the same character model as Clyde Garrison, but with two exceptions: Johnston's hat is black instead of white, and he sports a string tie instead of a necktie. He also shares a character head with Hal Pollard, Harvey Skaggs, Ralph Bagley, and Tripp Lockley.
  • He may comment while John walks into his store about getting a bullet removed from his leg, despite the fact that John walks perfectly and suffers from no wounds as far as anyone can tell.
  • According to an ad in The Blackwater Ledger, Johnston claims that Chewing Tobacco has "wonderful health benefits." This is only confirmed with John Marston, although this was most likely a sales scam.
  • Nigel West Dickens gets treated for his wounds by Johnston. It is implied Johnston is highly skeptical, if not outright dismissive, of West Dickens's "miracle cures". This makes Dickens angry, and he never wants anything to do with him again.
  • He sometimes remarks "I've got one of them electric belts if you wanna lose weight." This is a reference to electric abdominal muscle stimulators, which were a popular trend in the early 20th century.