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The diverse state of New Hanover is a land of sprawling plains and forests, perfect for hunters and herbalists. Outside the mining towns and oilfields, untapped nature waits.
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New Hanover is one of the five American states in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the largest territory after New Austin.


New Hanover is characterized by dense forests and open plains, comprised of three regions: northeast is where the densely forested Cumberland Forest is located; right in the center are the prairie plains of The Heartlands; to the east is the hilly and foggy Roanoke Ridge.

Much like the state of New Austin, the territory is in the process of modernization and it is not fully settled yet, with only two towns (Valentine and Annesburg) and the small, run-down village of Van Horn. Regardless, there are numerous ranches and homesteads dotted around the state due to its lush and fertile grassland, most notably Emerald Ranch. The state is mostly populated by German and other European immigrants, due to itself and a few of its locations having German names.

It is the second largest territory in Red Dead Redemption 2 and, as such, there is a notable amount of wildlife and outlaws roaming its rural regions. In the heart of the state, the oil company Cornwall Kerosene & Tar, run by Leviticus Cornwall, manage a large factory which is heavily guarded and almost impossible to infiltrate without being attacked.


New Hanover is bordered by Flat Iron Lake to the southwest and the Dakota River separating Ambarino and New Hanover to the northeast, Lemoyne to the south and Grizzlies East to the east, bordering Cumberland Forest and Roanoke Ridge.

RDR2 NewHanover

Map of the Southwestern US as shown in-game, with New Hanover highlighted in red.

Cumberland Forest lies less elevated compared to Grizzlies East, although, it serves as a transition between the mountainous woodlands from the plains. The region is one of the smallest in the game.

The Heartlands is characterized by rolling hills and plains. There is not much high elevation compared to other regions aside from the buttes in the heart of the area, and the riverbanks near the Dakota River.

New Hanover, for the most part, is a generalized Great Plains state. It combines elements of various states including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

  • The Heartlands is strongly based on the Great Plains region of the United States; the eroded chalk bluffs are reminiscent of the Pawnee National Grassland, and to a lesser extent, the Glass Mountains. Additionally, the grassy plains and forests are reminiscent of many areas in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, such as Green Country or the Colorado Foothills, and Valentine is a typical cattle boom town of this area.
  • Cumberland Forest is based on the Black Hills of Wyoming and South Dakota; the higher elevation of this area, combined with its spruce trees and lush grasslands, are typical of this region.
  • Roanoke Ridge, on the other hand, lies near the Lannahechee River and is characterized by densely packed woodlands often surrounded by fog and mist; it is based on the Ozarks of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Further supporting this is its positioning to Lemoyne (based on Louisiana) and the coal mining industry, which peaked in Arkansas at the turn of the century.
  • Overall, despite mixing many elements of frontier states, New Hanover's geographic placement roughly corresponds to that of Oklahoma and Arkansas.


New Hanover opens in Chapter Two after the Van der Linde gang relocates to Horseshoe Overlook in the mission "Eastward Bound", in which they flee the state of Ambarino after successfully completing a train heist. The gang sets up camp in The Heartlands region of New Hanover, near the livestock town of Valentine.

New Hanover is where much of Chapter Two takes place. Arthur and the gang perform various heists and jobs around the Heartlands before being forced to relocate into the state of Lemoyne.

Locations in New Hanover

The Heartlands

Cumberland Forest

Roanoke Ridge


  • New Hanover takes its name from the real-life city of Hanover, Germany.
    • The name is possibly a reference to the large diaspora of Germans that settled in America during the westward expansion of the country. The town of Annesburg has a German name. Even today, many people living in the real-life American Midwest are of German descent.
  • New Hanover has the most number of newspapers running in the state, with three being spread across Valentine, Annesburg, and Van Horn Trading Post.
  • New Hanover was established in 1796. This makes it the oldest established area in the game.
  • New Hanover was the 31st state admitted to the union. In real life, California was the 31st state admitted.



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