You may also be looking for Jody, the newspaper boy in Brimstone in Red Dead Revolver.

Extra, extra! Bill Williamson's gang terrorizes New Austin!

–The Newspaper Boy

The Newspaper Boy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of the boy's background, except that he is presumably a Blackwater resident and sells Newspapers for a living.


The Newspaper Boy is only seen in the first mission "Exodus in America", in which he is trying to sell newspapers. When Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham walk by, leading John Marston to the train station, Ross lightly pushes him aside. He is never seen again.


Hey, watch it mister!
The Newspaper Boy after being pushed by Ross
Health benefits of smoking!
The Newspaper Boy


  • The Newspaper Boy is one of the very few characters in Red Dead Redemption that are children.
  • After his initial appearance, he is replaced for the rest of the game by Hal Pollard , who takes his place selling newspapers throughout the map.
  • A newspaper boy (Jody) is also present in the town of Brimstone in Red Dead Revolver. Unlike his Red Dead Redemption counterpart, the player can interact with the Brimstone newspaper boy.

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