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Newspaper Characters are minor characters featured in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 who are only mentioned in newspapers and make no appearance in the game.

Red Dead Redemption

The Brannigans

Cole Brannigan

Husband of Ella Brannigan, father of Melvin and Mollie.

Ella Brannigan

Wife of Cole Brannigan, mother of Melvin and Mollie.

Melvin Brannigan

Son of Cole and Ella Brannigan, married his sister, Mollie.

Mollie Brannigan

Daughter of Cole and Ella Brannigan, married her brother, Melvin.

The Erringtons

Earl Errington

Husband of Betsie Errington, father of 12 children, with the latest being Francis Leonard Errington.

Betsie Errington

Wife of Earl Errington, mother of 12 children, with the latest being Francis Leonard Errington.

Francis Leonard Errington

Son of Earl and Betsie Errington, 12th child.


Dr. Charles L. Helden

A doctor who believes increased smoking in the workplace will cure Tuberculosis.

Dr. Lydia T. Pinkerton

First female doctor, causing a controversy.

Dr. Hayden Precent

Unearthed prehistoric skeleton of an ape that links to humans. Upset the church, doesn't believe in hell.

Dr. Wesley Arthurs

Outspoken doctor and critic of Dr. Pinkerton, claims she is worse.

Dr. Lawrence Mariani

A doctor that claims cocaine is bad for health.

Ridgewood Massacre

Mary Shackleford

Age 19, killed in the Ridgewood Farm Massacre.

Willie Feaney

Age 27, killed in the Ridgewood Massacre, presumably a relative of Gladys Feaney.


H.R. Putnan

General Merchandise salesman in Armadillo.

Jeremiah Somerset Esq.

According to Oliver Phillips, Somerset is looking to ban alcohol in the state in order to make a profit selling personal liquor.

Simian Sideshow

Ma Tanner

Ringmaster of "Ma Tanner's Simian Sideshow".

Mr. Jocko

Performing monkey in "Ma Tanner's Simian Sideshow", escaped but was captured and killed for disobedience.

Buried Alive

Florence Snyder

Age 13, suffered from cholera and went into shock. Seemingly dead so she was buried but in a safety coffin. Woke up, rang the bell, and her betrothed dug her out.

Cecil Perkins

Betrothed to Florence Snyder. Dug her out when she rang the bell on her safety coffin.


Gertrude Singer

Woman charged with indecent exposure after refusing to wear a corset.

Johnny West

Gunslinger killed by Landon Ricketts. Reportedly shot in the back.

Butcher Brothers

Outlaws killed by Landon Ricketts in 1896.

"One-Lung" Lester Riley

Outlaw killed by Marshal Leigh Johnson.

Two Crows Boys

Outlaws killed by Marshal Leigh Johnson.

Wildcat Willie

Outlaw killed by Marshal Leigh Johnson.


Sirus Habersham

Attorney General who prosecuted A.D. Dunbar & Sons Sugar company.

Rev. Adair Agatha

Reverend who is outspoken towards birth control techniques.

Prof. Hector L. Burgess

A professor who advocates the preservation of the prairies.

Horace L. Curtiss

A pilot who flew coast to coast in under 30 days.

Lionel Fortisque

Academic at Yale University. He disagreed with Prof. Harold MacDougal's theories on eugenics and MacDougal assaulted him with a crochet club during a garden party while on a drug-induced rampage.

Prof. Bellum Brown

Claims he has discovered dinosaur bones and is going to plaster them. Critics say the bones were buried by a scientist and indicated "that nowhere in the historical record is there a mention of giant lizards".

Red Dead Redemption 2


Bosco Lopez

"A Fifth Person Slain", Argentinian hanged for murders committed by the Vampire years ago.

Otis Miller Jr.

"The Sad Story of Otis Miller Jr.", outlaw, son of Otis Miller.


Carlile McKinnroy

"Motorized Lawn Mower Patented", lawn mower engineer.

Jack Yanner

"Submarine in the Works", submarine engineer.

Thomas Rivington

"Pneumatic Wonder!", Inventor.


Henry Jenkins

"Lawman Found Dead", Saint Denis veteran police officer, killed for leading an investigation against Angelo Bronte.

Sheriff Thomkins

"Who Are Scarlett Meadows Bandits?", Sheriff in "Pouring Forth Oil IV".


Alfred MacAlister

"President Congratulates America"; "Mexican Border Dispute Intensifies"; "President's Acts Further Isolate America", President of the United States in 1899.

Francisco Ramirez Torres

"Mexican Border Dispute Intensifies", Mexican General, President of Mexico since 1876.

Henry II of France

"The King of Corsets", king of France in the 16th century.

Thaddeus Waxman

"President Congratulates America"; "President Waxman Hails Progress, Discusses Canal", former United States Army Colonel and Senator, President of the United States in 1907.


Cecil H. Peck

"Peck's Flying Machine Crashes", secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

Harold MacDougal

"Prominent Yale Scientist Speaks Out", Yale Scientist, major character in Red Dead Redemption.


Alex H. Hughes

"Twenty-One Dead in Attacks", beloved pastor murdered by the O'Driscoll Boys.

Eunice Garrand

"Mexican Desperados Bring Terror", Reverend.

Benson Floyd

"Chicago Negroes Hold Anti-Lynching Service", lynched Reverend.

T Virgil Gosnell

"Weekly Round Up", Reverend


John O'Neil

"Pinkertons Find Missing Man", St. Louis Merchant.


Addie Neally

"Weekly Round Up"


"A Second Gold Rush", reclusive alchemist living in the border region of Cholla Springs and Gaptooth Ridge.

Archibald Jameson

"Annesburg Mine Accident", owner of the Jameson Mining and Coal Company.

Beatrice Thacker

"Weekly Round Up"

Bessie Adair

"Aerial Amazement", Tightrope daredevil.

Blanche Gorman

"Weekly Round Up"

Cecil Hubert

"Weekly Round Up", son of Mattie Hubert.

Edwin Forsythe

"Army General Praises Troops", General.

Fannie Crenshaw

"Allbright Captured", victim of Benedict Allbright's 'medicine'.

Flora Lamb

"Weekly Round Up", deceased daughter of Virginia Lamb and younger sister of Ruby Lamb

Gertrude Bambach

"Who Are Scarlett Meadows Bandits?", train passenger in "Pouring Forth Oil IV".

Henrietta Abresson

"Treasure Hunter Disappears", wife of Louis T. Abresson.

Imma Jean Minson

"Weekly Round Up"

JD McKnight

"Banks Worry of Crash", New York financier.

Judge Taylor

"O'Driscoll Captured", Saint Denis judge.

Lottie Van Pelt

"Weekly Round Up"

Louis T. Abresson

"Treasure Hunter Disappears", Treasure Hunter and Gemologist.

Otto Luther

"Chicago Negroes Hold Anti-Lynching Service", lynched citizen.

Marnie Boatwright

"Weekly Round Up"

Maude Hammond

"Weekly Round Up", wife of Theodor Hammond.

Mattie Hubert

"Weekly Round Up", parent of Cecil Hubert.

Mrs. Eberhardt

"Machine Kills Man", automobile passenger from Boston to San Francisco, wife of Thomas Eberhardt.

Myrtle Snodgrass

"Widow's Life Savings Chewed Up By Rats", widow.

Nigel West Dickens

Snake Oil salesman, major character in Red Dead Redemption.

Ruby Lamn

"Weekly Round Up", deceased daughter of Virginia Lamb and older sister of Flora Lamb.

T.K. Lengingham

"My Cows Strayed", rancher.

Theodore Hammond

"Weekly Round Up", husband of Maude Hammond.

Thomas Eberhardt

"Machine Kills Man", man who planned to drive an automobile from Boston to San Francisco, husband of Mrs. Eberhardt, killed in an incident involving his automobile in 1899.

Virginia Lamb

"Weekly Round Up", mother of Ruby and Flora Lamb.