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Nicholas Timmins is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Nicholas Timmins is the recently elected Mayor of Strawberry. At some point before coming to West Elizabeth, he is mentioned to have abandoned his educational studies and family for a life in a less developed country.

After becoming mayor, he made it his mission to revolutionize the mountain town to become an attraction for wealthy tourists. He constantly instructs his citizens to be kind and tolerant, to the point of even threatening to drive out any citizens who don’t follow his instructions.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

He can commonly be found near the Welcome Center, addressing citizens and visitors alike about the beauty of the town and expressing firm support for the Temperance movement.

While sitting at the front porch of the Welcome Center, he can be approached by the player in which he will greet and tell them to enjoy their stay while also urging to be kind to the populace. Among his compliments regarding his changes to the town, he will also describe it as "Tolstoyan". Though he admits he does not know what the term means, he says he finds it interesting and further applies it to the town having a liking for interesting people.

Upon a later visit, the mayor can be found near the general store, where he will once again be seen attempting to address townsfolk. He will recognize the player from before and claim that it is nice to see them again. During this, he will reveal vague details about his past, such as having worked in some capacity at Princeton University and a reputation-damaging rumor that spread around about him. He subsequently shrugs it off as being false and continues boasting about his leadership of the town supposedly being more beneficial than living on the East coast.



Nicholas Timmins is a sharply-dressed individual who wears a blue frock coat over a white dress shirt with puffed sleeves and a brown, buttoned waistcoat decorated with a gold chain. He also wears dark grey trousers and smart black shoes, along with a top hat and a prominent black bow tie.

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  • Nicholas Timmins appears to have an aversion to bounty hunting. After the player apprehends Bart Cavanaugh, they are informed by Sheriff Farley that there will be no more wanted posters in Strawberry because the mayor thinks they may deter tourists from visiting the town.
  • In a random encounter, the player can help a lost tourist from New York to get back to Strawberry. Along the way, the tourist will state that there is something he dislikes about the mayor.
  • The term "Tolstoyan" refers to the Tolstoyan movement, a sect of Christians inspired by the philosophy of Leo Tolstoy, a prominent Russian author in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Strawberry does reflect some of the movements principles, with the movement advocating that its followers live an ascetic and simple lifestyle, advocating pacifism and being vegetarian, teetotal, and chaste.
  • His sister Belinda's letter indicates that Mayor Timmins is in a relationship with a Princeton professor, as Timmins says he has a wife that his family didn't like, but in the letter Belinda mentions that he ran away with a professor and that mayor is not yet married.