Nick Klein is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nick Klein is one of the Misc. Criminals characters that can be selected in the Outfitter. His character model is available at Multiplayer Level 1.


  • "C'mon, bastard! I'll burn powder right up your ass!"
  • "Which one of you bastards wants to join Hestor in Hell?"
  • "Who wants to get sodomized on my smoke pole?"
  • "I'll rip your head off and use your skull as Hestor's piss pot!"
  • "I've got my pepperbox out. Who wanna get plugged?"
  • "Hestor gonna kill one o' y'all. Gettin' piss proud thinkin' about it."
  • "Well, I see, ain't a brave soul in this shithole."
  • "My talkin' iron's gonna plug y'all up like a bleeding cut!"
  • "Cowards! As soon as Hestor come around, y'all skidoo!"
  • "Who wants to fork out a smoke here? Cowards!"
  • "Don't this take the cake, they call the lone guns around here."
  • "I'll put this lead swapper right in your mouth, y'hear?"


  • He uses the same character skin as Hestor Frith.
  • He wears the Bollard Twins Gang's signature red bandana.
  • He makes numerous references to his single player counterpart, Hestor Frith.
  • He shares his surname with Lauren Klein, who voices Alma Horlick in Single Player.


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