Nigel is a recurring character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Nigel is an Englishman who was born in Maidenhead, Berkshire. He had a desire to leave his native country in search of a new life so he, along with his friend Gavin, eventually chose America, the land of opportunity, as their destination. The two of them crossed the Atlantic and reached America prior to 1899.

However, due to unknown circumstances, Nigel woke up one day to discover that Gavin had disappeared overnight.

By 1907, Nigel continues to look for Gavin, though his appearance and sanity have deteriorated, giggling in some instances when asking strangers if anyone has seen Gavin. He also has forgotten what Gavin looks like.


Nigel can be encountered throughout the game as he spends most of his days wandering the plains, desperately searching for his long-lost friend whom he may never find.


"I...I'm looking for my mate Gavin."

"Somebody help me!"


"Somebody help please!"

"Has anyone seen Gavin?"

"I'm looking for Gavin...he's my best friend."

"He left me...I lost him, I mean. I lost him."

"Someone must have seen an Englishman...really funny he is."

"Gavin I'm sorry!"

"English fellow...he's about, he's big? He's a charming sort of chap."

"I've lost him."

"I come to America, and I've lost my friend. I'm a fool, a fool!"

"I need..Gavin!"

"Listen, have you seen...I'm looking for my friend Gavin."

"English bloke. Lovely feller. He went missing and, I'm all alone."

"Nope, but I won't give up. He's lost..."

"One morning, I just woke up and he just wasn't there...someone must have taken him."

"Gavin? We were best mates. I mean, really best mates. He'd never leave me. Never. Gavin!"

"Oh, I am so worried...Gav?"

"Gav? Ugh...Gav? Where are you?"

"Ah...yeah, few years. Few bloody years. I can't, um, I can't remember what he looks like.I'm looking for him, but I don't know who he is. I've wasted my life... I wasted my life looking. I looked but I never saw. I saw nothing. Gavin..."


Red Dead Redemption 2 - Gavin's Friend (All Encounters)

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Gavin's Friend (All Encounters)


  • Upon looting him, the player will obtain a letter written by one of Gavin and Nigel's mutual friends; Tom.
  • Nigel will continue to search for Gavin in 1907 and appears that he has gone insane due to the excessive searching.


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