The Night Folk[1] (also referred to as the Nite Folk)[2] are an antagonistic faction featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


The Night Folk are a group of Voodoo-esque killers who live in and around the swamps of Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh. They attack people by setting up traps at night and then rob, loot, and pillage everything of value before murdering their victims in extremely gruesome ways. They can sometimes be seen carrying the corpses of their victims, and dead bodies (whole, partial or otherwise) can be found hanging from and strapped to trees all over the swamp, often gutted, dismembered, or otherwise disfigured.

They only use bows and melee weapons and wear tattered, torn, and heavily worn clothes, and at other times they can be found covered in dirt (for camouflage) or white paint and wearing primitive, hand-made clothing. They do not speak but make animal noises to signal their attacks on people.

While the Night Folk are known to stage attacks during the daytime, they have a much heavier presence during nighttime, therefore making Bayou Nwa a dangerous place to explore after sunset.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Night Folk Encounters RDR2 A Fine Night for It

Red Dead Redemption 2 Night Folk Encounters RDR2 A Fine Night for It


  • Evidence of rituals performed by the Night Folk can be found in various places of the map, such as Butcher Creek. A Pentagram can be seen here during at night, and in West Elizabeth, there is a ritual site which possesses the same sigils that can be seen around their other territories such as Lakay.
  • The Night Folk are among the only three enemies in the game that can kill a player in a single hit, regardless of their statistics. The other two include the Vampire and Sheriff Freeman.
  • The Night Folk share a number of similarities with the cannibals from Bone Tomahawk, who also cover themselves completely in the dirt and make no sound, aside from animal calls.
  • The Night Folk are quite similar to the Skinner Brothers, found in Tall TreesWest Elizabeth and the Murfree Brood, found across Roanoke Ridge, owing to all three gangs' extreme brutality, savagery and them being more akin to a band of crazed serial killers than a gang of outlaws.
  • The Night Folk are the only source of melee weapons such as the Machete before the completion of "Dear Uncle Tacitus" and subsequently "Fleeting Joy".


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