Red Dead Redemption
secret achievement and trophy

No More Fancy Words
Description Complete "An Appointed Time"
Gamer Score 20 gamerscoreGamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzeBronze

Complete "An Appointed Time"
In-game description

No More Fancy Words is a gameplay achievement/trophy in Red Dead Redemption.


After winning the duel, head up to the jail. Three men will come out of the door shooting. Enter Dead-Eye and take them down. Enter the jail and shoot the locks off of the cells to free the prisoners. Run outside and join up with Reyes in the assault on the hill. Shoot the soldiers and they'll flee, giving you an easy chance to take them out from behind. Run up and take cover behind the sandbags facing the hill. Use your Rolling Block Rifle to shoot the Gatling gunner at the hilltop (Dead-Eye helps). The foot-soldiers will be easy pickings, but watch out for replacements on the MG nest.

Get to the top of the hill and wait for Reyes to plant the TNT barrel. Shoot the barrel and start mowing down the Army at the gate, but be careful because Reyes and his men will walk right into your line of fire. Once there's enough dead that you can safely move in, do so. Once all the men are cleared, you will need to get back on the Gatling Gun and take out the soldiers storming the hill. Stack up by the door and they will bust it open. Run to the balcony and get down the first flight of stairs, entering Dead-Eye with a repeater. Use Dead-Eye to pick off the soldier on the horse and the two in cover on the ground floor.

Run down the stairs and sprint to your horse. Ride quickly towards the waypoint and shoot the horseback soldiers. A Gatling gunner will appear from the back of the stagecoach; use Dead-Eye to kill him before he can start pumping you full of holes. Kill the driver and shotgunner and a cutscene will ensue. Shoot Williamson, and Reyes will kill the Colonel, prompting the end of the mission.

It is not possible to take Williamson alive. If you shoot the Colonel, Williamson will take the Colonel's gun and Reyes will shoot him (before you can use your lasso). If you do nothing, Reyes will shoot the Colonel and Williamson will take his gun and just point it at you until you shoot him or try to lasso him – again, Reyes will kill him instead.


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