I saw my boss kiss a man!

Noah Greenup at the poker table

Noah Greenup is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Noah Greenup's background. He has relatives, Hilda Greenup, buried at Odd Fellow's Rest, and Houston Greenup, buried at Tumbleweed cemetery.


Noah Greenup can most often be found playing Poker at MacFarlane's Ranch or Armadillo, or simply walking around Thieves' Landing.


No turning back now.
Noah Greenup betting in Poker
Lock me up and throw away the key.
Noah Greenup playing Poker
They say Mr. Marston is bulletproof.
Noah Greenup during Poker
Now I'm either lucky, or foolish
Noah Greenup during Poker
Woohoo, them black-wing tomatoes gave my boss the runs!
Noah Greenup during Poker
Im'a take a day off next week.
Noah Greenup during Poker
Oh, I got a good feeling about this hand!
Noah Greenup while dealing in Poker
Well, ain't that somethin'!
Noah Greenup during Poker
Well, I'm all in there!
Noah Greenup after going all in during Poker
Hell, I'll take that!
Noah Greenup during Poker
Run for cover!
Noah Greenup during a shootout or when attacked



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