Complete "Remember My Family"
In-game description
Red Dead Redemption
secret achievement and trophy

Nurture or Nature?
Rdr nature nurture02
Description Complete "Remember My Family".
Gamer Score 50 gamerscoreGamerscore
Trophy Type Gold goldGold

Nurture or Nature? is a gameplay achievement/trophy in Red Dead Redemption.


As it is a storyline-related objective, complete the mission and the achievement/trophy will be obtained. However, this mission is optional to complete (however, it is a plot-significant mission, should the player wishes to obtain 100% completion).


  • Nature versus Nurture is a concept used in many academic disciplines. It is an idea used to evaluate whether the features, qualities and behaviors of an individual are the results of nurture (socialization, enculturation and environment) or the result of nature (genetics and deterministic biology).
  • In the epilogue, Jack not only possesses the same weapons but also gains John's honor and fame. The name of the achievement references whether Jack had learned these traits from John, or whether he was born with them. Or, more likely, whether Jack's desire to kill Ross and take up John's outlaw lifestyle was a nurtured trait (after witnessing his father's death and wanting revenge) or part of his nature.
  • The image of the accolade shows a duck being targeted in crosshairs. This is likely because when Jack Marston finds Ross, he is hunting ducks.
  • Unlocking this achievement with the Liars and Cheats DLC installed will unlock Jack Marston as a Multiplayer character model.
  • The name "Nurture or Nature" may also refer to the speech that Dutch gives to John moments before he jumps off the cliff.
  • This is the highest side-mission trophy rank.
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