A blessed symbol from a far-off land. Enemies have less chance to hit you.
In-game Description

The Obscuridad del Santo Andres is an item featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The Obscuridad del Santo Andres is given to Marston by a nun during a random encounter after the player reaches the highest honor level. It resembles a rosary and has the effect of reducing the chance for enemies to hit Marston with gunshots by 25%.

The nun will appear mostly in and around towns. Although this can occur anywhere, the event seems to have a higher probability of occurring in Las Hermanas. Please see the talk page for individual user experiences with obtaining the item.


  • The word "Obscuridad" no longer exists in Spanish, where replacing double-graphy "BS" by "S". It was replaced by "Oscuridad" (Darkness). This suggests that this item is very old, as it was created and named before this change.
  • The name for this item translates to "Darkness of Saint Andrew" in English.
  • Unlike the Bandolier, this cross doesn't show on the player's avatar.
  • The player will lose this item if their Honor drops below Drifter.
  • Due to the name and description of the item, it may be a subtle reference to another game by Rockstar Games - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Killing the nun before receiving the rosary may permanently hamper the player's chances at getting this rare item.
  • This item can be obtained by both John and Jack Marston.
  • The Holy Relic from Undead Nightmare reuses its inventory image.


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