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The Old Cajun is a stranger character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. He gives the stranger mission "A Fine Night For It".



The Old Cajun is a man living in the Trapper's Cabin located in the Bluewater Marsh.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

At night, the Old Cajun is seen camping near the roads of the Bluewater Marsh. He is seen trying shoo off insects biting him. The player asks what the commotion is all about, to which the Old Cajun will ask if the player is loon or something and states that this is Night Folk country.

The protagonist tells the Old Cajun that he should clear out, if he is troubled by the "things in the night". The Old Cajun says that the Night Folk have taken over his home in the marsh and seeks player's help in clearing them out. Along the way, he will tell the protagonist that Night Folk are bad people that savagely murder people and that they do not utter a word at all. On the road to the cabin, they find some victims who were killed by the Night Folk, strapped to trees. The Old Cajun even recognizes one of the victims, who he remarks is a good person that did not deserve to die. Wading through the mud of the marsh, they find some alligators.

Once the player arrives at the Old Cajun's home, they see a man who has just been caught by the Night Folk before he and the Old Cajun fight off the Night Folk on the property. The Old Cajun and the protagonist enter the house, but they hear a loud screech outside and more Night Folk arrive to attack them. After repelling the Night Folk, the Old Cajun rewards the player with a perfect Muskrat Pelt and a Gold Tooth for helping him.



A old man with big beard and wears only overalls. He has a rope holding his gun holster.


He appears to a very friendly man and seems to be very talkative.

Mission Appearances

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