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Old Habits is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

A gang of hired-guns cause trouble on Pronghorn Ranch.


John wakes up one morning on the ranch to hear a commotion outside. He heads out to see two Laramie Gang members and the leader of the gang terrorizing and harassing Abe.

John threatens the gang leader, which leads to a fistfight. John nearly wins the brawl, but is stopped before doing so by Abigail. The leader then begins to harass Abigail, and proceeds to threaten John and swears that he and his gang will return. The three gang members then finally leave the ranch.

Afterwards, Abigail expresses visible and verbal agitation at John, since he promised her no more violence.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Defeat the Laramie without taking a hit.
  • Defeat the Laramie within 25 seconds.


  • The mission's image in the menu depicts John with his 1899 hairstyle, instead of the short hair he has in 1907.
  • It was widely speculated that the leader of Laramie gang was voiced by Steven Ogg due to him sounding similar to Grand Theft Auto V's Trevor Philips, although he confirmed that he did not voice the character.[1]
  • In the closing cutscene, John is seen remembering an advice from Dutch which comes from a random camp event, instead of a mission.

Video walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Mission 91 - Old Habits Gold Medal
RDR2 PC - Mission 88 - Old Habits Replay & Gold Medal


  1. Steven Ogg confirming the character's mannerisms as being an imitation: https://twitter.com/stevenogg/status/1060654020895879168?lang=en


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