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Oliver Philips is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. He plays a part in the Stranger side-mission "The Prohibitionist".



Oliver Philips is the owner of Blackwater Saloon.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

After talking to Abner Forsyth, Philips approaches Marston with a proposition, instigating the Stranger side-mission "The Prohibitionist". Philips explains that Forsyth's preaching is causing him to lose customers. He then asks Marston to kill Forsyth.

If Marston kills Forsyth, Philips will be very happy and reward him with a small sum of money. Also, the cost of drinks across the map will be halved.

If Marston warns Forsyth that he is in danger and must leave town, Philips will be angry and double the price of drinks in his establishment.


You that boy who killed Bill Williamson over in Mexico.
Oliver Philips to Marston
You kill Abner Forsyth, I'd do right by you.
Oliver Philips proposing Marston kill Forsyth
You feel free to drown your sorrows in my saloon any ol' time you like.
Oliver Philips after Marston kills Forsyth