Open Sign
Cartel de abierto
Game Red Dead Revolver
Unlock Type Showdown character,
Journal page
Unlocks Curly Shaw
Price $760

Open Sign is an item found in Red Dead Revolver.


Well, you get the idea.
Store description

As with all similar items, the Open Sign is not used in the game beyond unlocking a showdown character and journal page. The store description references the incorrect spelling on the sign, "Open fer buzzness".


These items can also be unlocked by completing the mission "Bounty Hunter" on Bounty Hunter Mode. If this is accomplished, the Open Sign will show as "$SOLD" in the Shop interface the next time it is encountered.


The Open Sign can be purchased from Curly Shaw himself at the beginning of the mission "Bounty Hunter". If not purchased, it is not subsequently available during the current game.

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