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A rare decorative dagger, featuring a silver blade embossed with ornate designs and a gold statuette handle.
In-game description

The Ornate Dagger is a melee weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The Ornate Dagger is a short melee weapon, featuring a decorated, silver blade. It deals a moderate amount of damage and is very short-ranged.

It cannot be customized.


The weapon can be acquired from a strange pale man dressed in black, in the back alleyways of Saint Denis, following the completion of the 5 Mysterious Writings.


  • This weapon is a missable item, so it is highly recommended for the player to loot it from the vampire's corpse as soon as he's defeated if the player wishes to collect it.
  • Its function in the game is purely aesthetical, as its stats differ nothing from any other knife's in the inventory.
  • For unknown reasons, it is never used by the player when skinning an animal or splitting bullet points, being automatically swapped back to the Hunting Knife instead.