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Oswald Dunbar is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Oswald Dunbar is the long-standing police chief of the Blackwater Police Department. He is an elderly man who has an affirmation to keeping the citizens of the city safe and keeping law and order. He is shown to be respectful and kind and thought of highly by the town’s residents. As of 1907, there are rumors that Dunbar will retire at the end of the year; he most likely did so, given his old age and absence from Red Dead Redemption.


Dunbar appears at the end of the mission "An Honest Day's Labors" where John and Sadie bring him Shane Finley to collect the bounty placed on him.

The player can also capture the bounties of Elias Green and Otis Skinner for Dunbar, which will earn them a cash reward.


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