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Oswald Dunbar is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



Oswald Dunbar is the long-standing police chief of the Blackwater Police Department. He has an affirmation in keeping the citizens of the city safe as well as maintaining law and order. He is shown to be respectful, kind, and thought of highly by the town’s residents.

As of 1907, there are rumors that Dunbar will retire at the end of the year; he most likely did so, given his old age and absence in Red Dead Redemption.

Events of Red Dead Online

Dunbar is first seen sitting at his desk when a deputy is shown bringing in the protagonist. He expresses disagreement in how the marshals who apprehended them did so but relents to have them tried for the crime.

He is later encountered berating a deputy for allowing a notorious conman escape from his cell, angrily expressing worry about getting removed from the department due to the deputy's negligence. He eventually notices the player and their posse, subsequently asking them to help him capture the escaped fugitive.

If the player becomes a bounty hunter, they can capture various wanted individuals that appear on the bounty board outside Dunbar's office, and bring them in dead or alive. Dunbar will pay for the price on them and make a comment depending on whether the criminal is alive or dead.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Dunbar appears at the end of the mission "An Honest Day's Labors" where John Marston and Sadie Adler bring him Shane Finley to collect the bounty placed on him.

The player can also capture the bounties of Elias Green, Otis Skinner, and Herman Zizendorf for Dunbar, which will earn them a cash reward.


Dunbar always wears a dark blue Blackwater Police Department uniform with gold trim and a BPD badge. In 1898 he has long hair with a mustache and wears a version of the Military mountie hat recolored to match his uniform. In 1907 he is clean-shaven with considerably shorter hair, and he now wears white formal gloves and a dark blue peaked hat with gold trim.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Online


  • An in-game newspaper article refers to him by the title of sheriff.[1] Additionally, in the intro cutscene to Red Dead Online where the player creates their online character, a deputy refers to him as a sheriff while in the mission "If The Hat Fits..." the game objectives and subtitles refer to him as a police chief. This was likely a developer oversight.
    • Further, a conversation between Horley and Old Man Jones has them referring to him as both titles interchangeably.[2]
  • Dunbar once had a wife named Freda, whose grave can be found in Blackwater's cemetery. Even though the gravestone says that she died on November 6th, 1906, it is visible in Red Dead Online in 1898, and in 1899 if the player reaches Blackwater as Arthur.
  • If brought in alive, the hangings of Elias Green and Otis Skinner will be overseen by an unnamed sheriff rather than Dunbar.[3]
  • When delivering a dead bounty target in Red Dead Online, the game may use Dunbar's 1907 character model. This is likely a glitch.
  • Unused audio files exist in the game which Dunbar refers to Arthur Morgan by name and acknowledges his association with Dutch van der Linde. These were likely intended to be used in an early stage of development when the Great Plains could be accessed as Arthur.[4]



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