Otis Miller is a minor character referenced in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Otis Miller was a legendary gunslinger often associated with the Wild West. The leader of a gang of outlaws called the Otis Miller Boys, Miller reportedly performed the first robbery of a train in 1866, which turned him into an infamous figure[1] and made him the subject of many dime novels.

Otis Miller was eventually shot and killed by another outlaw, leaving behind his six year old son and namesake, Otis Miller Jr. The latter was arrested for being the leader of a gang who robbed a train, after a confession deemed him guilty. After several months in prison, he was acquitted after the confession was found to have been fabricated.[1]


  • His revolver can be found in New Austin after the epilogue. However, Arthur can get the revolver through a glitch or an exploit.
  • Miller's name appears on Register Rock, signed with the year 1879.
  • Otis Miller has three penny dreadful novels dedicated to him.[2]
  • A number of details in the game indicate that Miller is based quite directly on Jesse James:
    • Both of them have a similar overall status as infamous, iconic outlaws of the Wild West.
    • Both have a folk song dedicated to them, where they are portrayed as being killed by a coward.
    • Both had a son named after them who was arrested for a train robbery and subsequently acquitted.


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