Outfits are sets of clothing that can be worn by the player in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Unlike the outfits in the original Red Dead Redemption, the individual clothes of each outfit are available as separate clothing items, allowing players to freely mix & match them. In addition, players are also given small choices, such as rolling up the player character's sleeves and tucking his pants into his boots.


Name Price (in $) Source (+ Honor Rank)
The Armadillo 57.25 Armadillo
The Bretagne 110.00 Saint Denis
The Bulldogger 79.50 Armadillo (HR3)
The Calumet 81.00 Strawberry
The Chevalier 98.00 Rhodes (HR3)
The Clairmont 92.75 Valentine
The Corson 105.75 Saint Denis (HR3)
The Cowpuncher 107.75 Tumbleweed (HR3)
The Cumberland 105.25 Strawberry (HR3)
The Deauville 115.00 Saint Denis (HR6)
The Dewberry Creek 115.50 Valentine (HR6)
The Dolton 61.75 Strawberry
The Donegal 98.75 Blackwater
The Drifter 88.75 Tumbleweed (HR6)
The Drover 90.25 Wallace Station (HR6)
The Earl 92.25 Rhodes
The Estate Boss 62.25 Wallace Station
The Farrier 118.25 Blackwater (HR6)
The Faulkton 84.50 Strawberry (HR6)
The Gambler 123.25 Rhodes (HR6)
The Heartlands 86.50 Rhodes
The Josiah 94.25 Blackwater
The Leatherman 94.50 Tumbleweed
The McLaughlin 104.25 Blackwater (HR3)
The Millesani 83.25 Strawberry
The Ranch Hand 65.75 Armadillo
The Roscoe 96.25 Wallace Station (HR3)
The Saint Denis 98.75 Saint Denis
The Scrapper 71.50 Armadillo (HR6)
The Tumbleweed 98.25 Tumbleweed
The Valentine 113.25 Valentine (HR3)
The Vaquero 85.50 Valentine

Players may also visit the trapper in either Saint Denis or one of his four wilderness locations in order to pay him to craft unique set pieces for additional outfits. Players must provide him with both the money and crafting material; some also require certain challenges to have been met. Once all the pieces of a set have been crafted, the outfit is unlocked:

* Denotes an outfit which is crafted from Legendary Animal parts


  • The player can obtain the outfits sold in Blackwater, Armadillo and Tumbleweed as Arthur by logging into the Rockstar Social Club on their browser, and going to the Wheeler, Rawson & co. online store and purchasing them from there. The store uses Arthur's money, the outfits are not tied to story progression, and the only reason they are normally unavailable to him is because he cannot enter the stores they're sold in. If bought through the webpage, they'll be added to his wardrobe the next time the game loads up the story mode.

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