Developer(s) Rockstar San Diego
Rockstar North
Publisher(s) Rockstar Games
Release Date North America: June 22, 2010
Europe: June 22, 2010
Platform(s) ps3Icon ps3 PS3
xbox360Icon xbox360 Xbox 360
Engine(s) RAGE
Price Free
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Genre(s) Sandbox, Third-person shooter, action-adventure
Rating(s) BBFC: BBFC 18 sign (grey back) rated 18

ESRB:ERSB Mature sign (smaller) rated "Mature"

OFLC: OFLC MA15 sign (grey back) rated "MA15+ Restricted"

Outlaws to the End is a a free downloadable content pack for Red Dead Redemption. It was released on June 22, 2010.


This six mission co-op package was released simultaneously for PS3 and Xbox 360. The cooperative missions can be played with two to four players online. Players can earn XP by completing missions as well as by completing challenges. Ten achievements/trophies are added by the DLC as well.

Players begin with access to the normal co-op missions and later unlock access to the advanced co-op missions. The same set of missions are available in advanced co-op, but with difficulty increased (expert aiming is required, for example).


Six missions play out across the game world. A brief introduction to each mission is provided here. Follow the links to the mission pages for more details.

The Escape

In The Escape, players must attack members of Walton's Gang and the Mexican Army at The Scratching Post and steal a stagecoach loaded with gold. Once acquired, it is turned over to the American Army. Players then clear out the gang at the heavily defended Tumbleweed. After clearing the town, a standoff occurs between the players and the American Army. After battling them, the mission ends with an escape to Mexico.

The Kidnapped Girl

In The Kidnapped Girl, The Bollard Gang have taken over Fort Mercer, and they're holding Farmer MacGuffin's Daughter hostage. Players must destroy the Fort's main gate and kill the Banditos. Get the girl into a stagecoach and get her to Ridgewood Farm, fending off Members of the Bollard Gang along the way before the final battle at Ridgewood Farm.

The Herd

In The Herd, Cattle rustlers have taken control of Pike's Basin. Players must fight their way in and wipe out the rustlers, then use teamwork to protect the herd, leading them to the corral in Armadillo while drawing fire from reinforcements on horseback.

The River

In The River, players ride a raft down river, taking out rebel camps at Crooked Toes and The Scratching Post. The Mexican Army must then be cleared out of the port of Nosalida and their weapon crates destroyed.


In Ammunition, the Mexican Army has the town of Tesoro Azul under siege. Players storm the gates under heavy cannon fire, using Gatling guns and sniper fire to destroy the Mexican artillery placements.

Walton's Gold

In Walton's Gold, Walton’s Gang has taken control of Gaptooth Breach, a mining camp rich with gold. Players fight through the camp and load the mine cart with as much gold as it can carry. Then they must escape as quickly as possible; Walton's boys have rigged the place to blow!


Red Dead Redemption Outlaws to the End Coming Soon

Outlaws to the End coming soon poster

There are four playable classes in the normal co-op missions and one additional class is available in advanced co-op. To choose a class, the player walks up to its dummy in the lobby and presses Y/Triangle.


This general purpose class is armed with a Volcanic Pistol and a Winchester Repeater. The Soldier II class has an Evans Repeater. This class can perform well at medium range with the repeater. It is a good class that performs the basic roles of different classes in the same mission.


This close-quarters powerhouse is armed with a Schofield Revolver, Pump-action Shotgun, and Dynamite. The Miner II class has a Semi-auto Shotgun. Toss in a stick of dynamite, then mop up the survivors with the shotgun.


This long-range class is armed with a Cattleman Revolver, Rolling Block Rifle, and Throwing Knives. The Marksman II class has a Carcano Rifle. Marksmen are great when it comes to picking off the sentries of gatling guns and cannons. If they have to get into the thick of it, the revolver and throwing knives come in handy. It is best if they stay back and pick off gunners.


This medium-range class is armed with a Double-action Revolver, a Repeater Carbine, and Fire Bottles. The Gunslinger II class has a High Power Pistol. The Double-action revolver has a faster rate of fire, and fire bottles can block paths and flush out hiding enemies. Be careful when using the Carbine due to its low ammo count; reload often and in between shootouts to avoid being caught with a low amount of shots, as it usually takes more than one shot to the torso to kill an enemy with this weapon. If circumstances permit, go for the headshot for this reason. Alternatively, pick up a different firearm from slain enemies; most drop better rifles such as Winchester and Henry repeaters.

No Holds Barred

This class is only available when playing Advanced Co-Op. It consists of every weapon the player has unlocked in multiplayer. Weapons collected in Free Roam (for example, a LeMat Revolver collected from Fort Mercer or a Bolt Action Rifle looted from a deceased player) will not be added to this class's inventory.


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