You may also be looking for the Owl Rifle, a weapon in Red Dead Revolver.

The Owl is a nocturnal bird found in Red Dead Redemption.


Even though they are quite large birds, owls can be extremely hard to see, due to their choice of habitat and feeding times. They only appear at night, and can occasionally be heard hooting. They normally choose tall trees to make their nests in and rest. However, they will come to the ground at times, which makes them easier to spot, but will flee at the first sign of trouble. Once they have fled, it will be extremely difficult to find them again. This makes them one of the more challenging animals to hunt.

Owl Feathers can be gathered as part of the Strangers side-mission "Deadalus and Son". Owls can be killed for the Sharpshooter Challenge Level 1.


They are commonly found between MacFarlane's Ranch and Warthington Ranch. They can also be found in Chuparosa, next to the Beecher's Hope Ranch, in Tall Trees, they can sometimes be found near Silent Stead in New Austin, and they may also be found in Tumbleweed, but be careful as this is a gang hideout. Make sure you go at night as they are nocturnal creatures. Multiple owls can also be found around Jorge's Gap and Venter's Place.

Hunting Tips

As noted above, they are very difficult to see, so you have to listen for their distinctive "hoo" or "kwit" depending on whether it's male or female. Then, track the sound silently, until the owl appears, or until it lands and the player will get a clear shot. Don't use a Buffalo Rifle when up close, since it can make owls explode. When owls land, they keep very still, and only move very slowly. They also keep silent, tracking a call and it's suddenly stopped, chances are its on the ground. Be careful not to mistake them for tufts of grass if out in the Great Plains.

One way to up the chances is to wait until dawn breaks, when owls will still be feeding for a short period of time, and search them. This will increase the chance of seeing them. Be careful not to mistake owls for other species of birds while hunting. If a "hoo" or "kwit" is heard, firing a gun into the air usually makes them fly off in fright, offering a brief chance to catch them in the air with Dead-Eye targeting mode.

Another way to find owls is to go up to Tall Trees at night and look through all the trees. Owls usually sit in these trees or in dense bushes. A rifle that's not too powerful is the best for hunting owls. Owls can be found in Mexico in the daytime, but very rarely.


  • Taxidermy owls can be found in many buildings, such as the study in Dutch's hideout, and in the living room of Beecher's Hope.



The player must kill an owl to successfully complete the following Trophies/Achievements:

20 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Kill every animal species in the game in any game mode.

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