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The Owlhoot Family is a legendary bounty target in Red Dead Online.



The Owlhoot Family is not a real family, but rather a loose association of male and female outlaws who have become notorious for their ambushes and robberies of travelers near Benedict Pass. The gang is also known for outbursts of sadistic behavior, which often entails the killing and/or mutilation of victims and their animals. According to their bounty poster, only the four senior members of the gang are wanted by the law.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player, upon purchasing a bounty hunter's license, has the option to track the four senior Owlhoots to separate locations near Rio Bravo in the state of New Austin. One target is alone near Benedict Pass after shooting his horse, and is the easiest to capture. Another target is robbing a wagon at Benedict Point with armed accomplices. The remaining two targets are both located near Fort Mercer; the first is in a large camp and may try to flee with an escort if alerted to the player's presence, while the second is inside the fort torturing a captive. On higher difficulties, members of the gang will ambush the prison wagon carrying the targets and will have to be killed before the hunt is over.