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Pagan Ritual is a point of interest found in Red Dead Redemption 2.


  • A bottle of Valerian Root can be found, placed on the rock altar, behind the body.
  • The player can take the Pagan Skull Mask off of the corpse and wear it themselves. Afterwards, it can be found under the 'Large Masks'-section in the horse inventory wheel.
  • Shooting at any part of the site will result in an honor loss.
    • This can be repeated, if the player returns again after a while.


  • It would appear that this location was due to the actions of a murderous practitioner of witchcraft and/or the worship of a dark Pagan deity. Given the violent nature of the scene and the presence of a horned animal skull taking the place of the human corpse's head, it is possible that this ritual could have also been a representation of Satan or some other dark deity.
  • If the player takes the skull and then comes back to the site at a later date, a new rotted corpse painted with bizarre symbols will be at the site, lying in a pool of blood.
  • The Pagan ritual site seems to have been perfomed by the Night Folk in which possesses the same voodoo sigils seen around their territories such as Lakay and indicates that they operate in other regions beyond their main territory. Also, the symbol on the ground is striking similar to the vevé (signature symbol) of the voodoo loá Papa Legbá, the "Opener the Ways", the entity responsible to guard the doors between this and the netherworld.
  • This might be connected to Edmund Lowry Jr., however this is not confirmed. Lowry's victims were executed in a similar way.


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