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The Pan-Atlantic Railroad is a railroad line in Red Dead Revolver.


The Pan-Atlantic Railroad line is used by trains to carry passengers and cargo during the events of Red Dead Revolver, including the Western Express train that Red Harlow and Sheriff O'Grady travel to Brimstone on in order to get the wounded sheriff medical treatment. It is during this ride that a gang of bandits attempts to rob its passengers, but they are quickly put down in quick succession by Red, who protects the train from further attacks by bandits until it pulls into the Brimstone station.


The Pan-Atlantic Railroad line is a stretch of railroad that connects several towns, settlements and train stations, including Widow's Patch and Brimstone. The portion of the rail line that runs between Widow's Patch and Brimstone goes through a canyon but then opens up on one side to a desert valley near Brimstone. The track itself goes over numerous small, wooden bridge-like structures in the canyon, which could be used to keep the track on an even elevation through the canyon instead of allowing the train to travel over water, as there are no visible bodies of water in the canyon.

Mission Appearances

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

The Pan-Atlantic Railroad is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 296-299 under the Frontier Places section. The pages are unlocked by completing the mission "The Traincar".

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