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Pants are a part of clothing that can be worn by the player in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



Name Price (in $) Description
Work Pants N/A Canvas Work Pants. Button fly boot-cut. Every pair we sell is an advertisement to our trade, so please wear them with decorum.
Town Pants N/A Canvas saddle Work Pants. We have bought the biggest line of pants in memory. The design prevents chafing,which brings misery to work days.
Saddle Jeans N/A Stylish and rugged. Is it required to further impress the fact that we name the lowest prices for quality new goods?
Ranch Pants N/A N/A
Padded Saddle Work Pants N/A Comfort, fit, durability. This is no shoddy stuff like you often observe in our competitor's catalogue.
Jeans N/A Reinforced with rivets. All of our garments are built to last. We cannot begin to mention one half of the accolades we receive about these jeans.
Fancy Pants N/A Finely tailored, creased leg. These pants are of great interest to many customers for numerous reasons too verbose to discuss further.
Everyday Pants N/A Adjustable rear cinch strap. Two front pockets can hold your tobacco works and a silver dollar to absentmindedly caress for luck.
Cuffed Town Pants N/A Do not wear the wrong pants in town, for it's worse than that dream where you're not wearing any, late for school, and didn't study.


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