Pat O'Flanagan is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Pat O'Flanagan is one of the Walton's Gang characters that can be selected in the Outfitter. His character model is available at Multiplayer Level 1.


  • "How about that! I've seen boots step in crap but never crap stepping around in boots."
  • "You have a twin, 'cause I have seen you very likeliness dropping out of a cow's ass."
  • "Holy! Whoo! They let you out where children might see you, ya damn freak?"
  • "Sweet lord, I've dropped gnarled turds with better looks than you."
  • "Alright, which one of the local whores is your mother; the one I got off of this morning? Ha! I should go slap that bitch."
  • "Is that a tan you got there or have you been rollin' in shit again?"
  • "Oh, is the carnival in town? Look at the shape of that freak's head!"
  • "Are you normally cross-eyed or have you just found a speck of crap on your nose?"
  • "Can you move your ass upwind of me, for the sake of my nose, please?"
  • "Did someone set light to your face and then beat it out with a spade?"
  • "Oh, you just take a crap? I swear, I can smell you from here!"
  • "When you get up behind me, it's not to get the drop on me. You lookin' at my ass, ain't ya?"


  • His name may be a reference to cross-platform programmer Patrick Flanagan.
  • His name suggests that he may have Irish heritage. 
  • He uses the same character skin as Dale Chesson.


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