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He left for the East and never came back. Must be getting on for 10 years ago now. He's a high-and-mighty banker in New York, according to his last letter.

Bonnie MacFarlane to John Marston

Patrick MacFarlane is a minor, unseen character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Patrick was born as one of the MacFarlane brothers, the sons of Drew MacFarlane. By 1911, he is the only surviving male child of Drew, and his only child besides Bonnie.

In the early 1900s Patrick left MacFarlane's Ranch and move to New York, where he became, according to one of his latest letters to his sister, a successful banker.


As he is located in another state by the time of Redemption, Patrick is never encountered by Marston. He is, however, mentioned by his sister in the mission "The Burning". He is also mentioned and referenced by residents of Warthington Ranch and Armadillo.

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