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Paytah is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Paytah was born into the Wapiti Indian tribe, and serves as the trusted companion of Eagle Flies, the son of the tribe's chief, Rains Fall.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Paytah is first seen watching the Van der Linde gang as they move out of Colter, alongside Rains Fall and Eagle Flies. Some time afterwards, Paytah is present on a raid to recover the tribe's horse’s from the US Army. He and Eagle Flies silently row to the ship and board it, before assisting Arthur and the others in neutralising the guards and, later, rounding up the horses. Soon after this, Dutch and Eagle Flies decide to tar-and-feather a patrol of soldiers, and Paytah is involved with. However, the attack on the military quickly goes sour, with overwhelming numbers of soldiers descending on the Wapiti group. While Eagle Flies gets captured, Paytah manages to escape.

Paytah is next seen when he joins the group of young natives led by Eagle Flies, who ride to Beaver Hollow in the hopes of rousing the Van der Linde gang to help them attack the oil fields. Despite Rains Fall's warnings not to go, Paytah and the others ride away and attack the refinery alone. Later on, when the Van der Linde gang show up, Paytah is seen leading a small band of braves, before joining up with Arthur's group. They eventually find and rescue Eagle Flies, before merging with Dutch and the others and finishing off the remaining soldiers. When Eagle Flies is mortally wounded at the battle's resolution, Paytah accompanies Arthur and Charles in taking him to the reservation to see Rains Fall. Paytah's fate following the battle is not known for certain, but he presumably relocated to Canada with the rest of the tribe.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • "Paytah" is a name of Sioux origin and translates to "fire".