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Paytah is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Paytah was born into the Wapiti Indian tribe, and serves as the trusted companion of Eagle Flies, the son of the tribe's chief, Rains Fall.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Paytah is first seen watching the Van der Linde gang as they move out of Colter, along with Rains Fall and Eagle Flies. After this encounter, he is not seen until Dutch and Eagle Flies make a plan to tar-and-feather US Army soldiers, and he joins the Wapiti group. After the plan collapses, and they are attacked by overwhelming amounts of soldiers, he is injured but manages to escape.

Paytah is next seen when he joins the group of young natives led by Eagle Flies, who ride to Beaver Hollow in the hopes of rousing the Van der Linde gang to help them attack the Cornwall refinery. After they initially refuse, he along with the rest of the Indians attack the plant alone. When the gang shows up, he is leading a small group of Indians who managed to escape the massacre, and joins with Arthur's men. He will then take part in the force that rescues the remaining Indians, and after Eagle Flies is fatally wounded, helps bring him back to his father.

Mission Appearance

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