Penelope Braithwaite is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Penelope was born in an unknown year to the Braithwaite Family. Sometime before the year 1899, she fell in love with Beau Gray and became an activist for the women's suffrage movement.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur first encounters Penelope when Beau sends him with a letter to her. After receiving it, she becomes very happy and hands Arthur a letter of her own to send back to Beau.

When Beau reads her letter, he grows alarmed as it says that she is planning to participate in a rally organized by Olive Calhoon for the suffrage movement, and the townsfolk and their families are unwelcoming and hostile to the movement. Beau asks Arthur to accompany him and convince Penelope to not participate. After arriving at the stagecoach that the suffragists will be riding in, they ask Penelope to leave with them, but she refuses. Penelope then compromises with Beau by having Arthur driving the carriage through town in order to protect her and the suffragists. Upon the suffragists' arrival to the Bank of Rhodes, Beau is present for Olive's speech but is confronted by his cousins, Iain and Scott Gray. Penelope has Arthur rescue Beau before his cousins disrupt the speech.

Penelope will next be heard from when she sends a letter to Arthur. She informs him that she is being kept in a cabin behind the ruins of Braithwaite Manor, and she needs his help. After arriving, Penelope will tell Arthur that she has been locked up for her role in the women's suffrage movement, and either her family or the Grays killed the suffrage leader Olive Calhoon. Penelope then goes on to tell him that her and Beau are planning on running away to Boston, and that Beau is waiting for her at the train station. However, she cannot go alone, due to the considerable threat the Braithwaites and the Grays pose to their plan, and so she needs Arthur to take her.

Arthur agrees to bring her to the station, where she will reunite with Beau. Arthur purchases the train tickets, however it soon turns ugly when Iain and Scott approach them and attempt to pull Beau away. Arthur steps in, and knocks both of them unconscious. The three then hurry onto the train and set off. Unfortunately, their troubles are not yet over. Penelope's cousins, unwilling to let her run off with a Gray and their jewelry, pursue the train on horseback. Arthur fights them off, however the train's driver abandons the locomotive out of fear. Arthur then drives the train to Riggs Station in West Elizabeth. After stepping off the train, Penelope offers Arthur a sapphire bracelet as payment, which can be refused. Arthur then helps the couple into a carriage, tells the driver to head for Boston, and takes the driver's gun and gives it Penelope. The trio say their goodbyes as the carriage rolls away and she is not seen again.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • The story of Romeo and Juliet is almost identical to the situation of Beau and Penelope.
  • Beau and Penelope aren't the first of the Grays and Braithwaites to be romantically involved with each other, as Douglas Gray and Lucille Braithwaite also had a similar relationship.



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