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The show must go on!
Professor Perry
Perry is a minor character and a minor antagonist in Red Dead Revolver.



Perry is always trying to recruit wayward youths, misfits, and freaks.

Preston O'Leary, the much-loved owner of O'Leary's Traveling Circus and Carnival Show, was killed shortly before Revolver's events, along with most of his performers, when the tent in which they slept caught fire outside of Tarnation. Due to a lack of manpower, lawmen were not available to investigate thoroughly. Perry was believed to be the man responsible.

Professor Perry, a recent addition to the (sic) circus, and inventor of Perry's Miracle Elixir has volunteered to organize the clean-up efforts. Perry stated, "The show must go on!"

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Prof. Perry is the final boss of the mission "Freak Show".

The leader of the psychotic circus including Pig Josh, Professor Perry is a twisted man indeed. His best achievement as a mad scientist is his so-called "Miracle Elixir" that allows him to regenerate health despite being shot at by Jack Swift multiple times as well as teleport. When Swift arrived in Widow's Patch it was even more decrepit than when Red had last seen it. Once there, he found Katie O'Grady tied up under the water tower and proceeded to protect her from the gang. After the gang had been dispatched Perry showed up and began to teleport around until Jack eventually killed him when he ran out of elixir.

Showdown Mode

After completion of the level Freak Show with an "Excellent" rating, the player unlocks Perry as a playable character.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Perry is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Prof. Perry's Peculiarities section.


  • Jack and Perry have an animosity towards each other, probably due to the fact that Jack tried to leave the circus.


Jack, what an unpleasant surprise!
Perry, greeting Jack
That wasn't very nice Jack! Don't bet on making it out again.
We won the war, redcoat!
Perry, taunting Jack's English heritage
Long live the king! (Sprays snake oil out mouth)
Perry, when he uses his special attack and is probably another taunt on Jack's English heritage
Over the lips and past the gums, look out Jack, here I come!
When chosen in Multiplayer
Just a little pick me up!
Said before drinking from his snake oil bottle
Good for what ails ya!
Said before drinking from his snake oil bottle
Time for a little "pick me up" I think, my boys(Fidgits) will keep u busy!
Damn! I've almost run dry. Okay Swift, I've had enough of you!
Said when his snake oil is about to be empty


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