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For the mission in Redemption, see Pestilence.
Vital statistics
Name Pestilence
Breed Mythical Horse
Color White, light and dark gray
Speed Fast
Health Extremely high
Stamina Unlimited
Loot N/A
Location Anywhere in West Elizabeth and Hennigan's Stead
Location Map
A ghastly harbinger of plague and disease that's easily identifiable by its exposed wounds and ocular hemorrhaging, Pestilence.

Official description

Pestilence is a mythic horse found in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Pestilence is one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, along with War, Famine, and Death. The player can tame Pestilence in the wild.

Pestilence seems prone to death by landscape glitches. Care should be taken when traversing a steep mountain, as the horse might randomly die.

As noted in the blood pact description, Pestilence is extremely tough and can withstand more damage than the other horses. It also has infinite stamina. Pestilence is covered with open wounds and has bloody eyes from ocular hemorrhaging, a physical manifestation of disease and plague. It is also surrounded by a sickly green cloud which stuns zombies for a short moment. When standing still Pestilence will bleed out of its eyes and open wounds, leaving small drops of blood on the ground.


Pestilence must be found and tamed in the wild. It spawns randomly in the West Elizabeth area, though the most commonly reported location for Pestilence is near Broken Tree or Tall Trees.

There is a chance that if the player finds Pestilence but does not break it, it will not respawn anywhere in the game for a day or two.


  • The first rider of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode the white horse, actually in the bible it is referred to as Conquest. It has become Pestilence in popular culture, though the horseman had no traits that would warrant it in the original text. Death was the closest, bringing with it a plague in some interpretations of the Bible.
  • A glitch can occur where the breaking cutscene does not play when you find the horse and he immediately bucks you off.
  • It is possible for Pestilence to spawn after the player first leaves Blackwater, allowing the player to get early access to one of the Four Horses.
  • Pestilence has the most health out of all horses in original and Undead Nightmare, which is ironic given its name, nature, and appearance. This is likely due to him technically being an undead horse.
  • As of June 2014, when playing as Undead Marston, Pestilence will lose his mist, lose his ability to stun undead and steer south. This only happens when summoned via blood pact.